Top 4 Apps To Help You Recover From Addiction

With over 23 million Americans struggling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, it’s about time that there were a few apps to help them recover. Here are four apps that can come in handy if you are trying to start over.

1. Sponsor Support

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Perfect for those following the 12-step program, this app connects you with your sponsor, and allows you to call, or email your sponsor whenever you want. What is even better, the message or call you send, also sends your GPS location so that your sponsor knows where you are at. The app also has a space for you to track your daily progress, and journal your thoughts for a clear picture of where you have come from.

2. Cravings Manager

This handy app aims to help you overcome alcoholism, eating disorders, or any other addiction you may have. First, select what you are craving and the level of your craving, and then head to the list of activities to get you through the temptation. You can look at a series of family pictures, watch a video you’ve uploaded for this time of need, or read a note you’ve written to yourself. You can also read a list of all the reasons you are quitting, or create a new list now. You can even scroll through a list of inspirational quotes and facts that can remind you of why you quit.

3. Afternoon Affirmations

You’re doing great, feeling awesome, and being productive when you stop for lunch. After lunch, however, you are hit with the worst kind of craving and tiredness. If that sounds familiar, you are not alone. Most people find themselves getting tired after lunch, and the doctors at WebMD believe it’s caused by a mix of a natural lull in energy and a poor breakfast. While changing your breakfast habits will certainly help, you can also fight off the afternoon cravings by downloading the Afternoon Affirmations app. It will send you an inspirational note or encouraging story every day at one in the afternoon to head off any downward spiral that may have started.

4. iHeal

While long-term rehabs work to teach you how to fight through a craving, the iHeal app works by helping you realize when you are in the middle of a craving and what triggered it. Eventually, the app might even be able to expect the craving and help you avoid it altogether. How does it work? By wearing a wristband that tracks your temperature, heart rate, and motion, the app can create a predictable pattern of your behavior. It can even help you pinpoint your triggers.

As you add more information (such as when cravings hit or how you feel), you can tailor the app to become even more accurate. Once the app detects high-risk situations, it offers helpful support, including songs, videos, or distracting games. As you use the app, it will learn which support works best for you as well.

There are, of course, plenty of other apps for recovering from addiction. What app do you use and love?

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