The Top 3 Vitamins and Minerals To Support Your Fitness Goals

The Top 3 Vitamins and Minerals To Support Your Fitness Goals

You can spend hours in the gym, but without fuelling your body properly, it will be hard to see the results you’re wanting. In order to be safe and to get the absolute best performance possible during your workout, read on to find out which vitamins and minerals you should be prioritising in your diet! 


Having insufficient iron stores in the body can cause severe fatigue and even fainting in some cases, meaning not only is your workout not going to be to the standard you want it to be, but it can also be dangerous. Iron is essential for healthy blood production, as it is a major component in haemoglobin, which transfers oxygen from your lungs into your tissues. Some people suffer with iron deficiency badly and are prescribed with specific medication. However, if you are just feeling slightly sluggish and want to get the most out of your workout, try to increase your intake of red meat, beans, nuts and dried fruits. 


There are so many fitness-based benefits of incorporating magnesium into your diet.

Magnesium is a nutrient that helps your body to prevent injury as it acts as a muscle relaxant, whilst also helping the muscles to avoid a build up of lactic acid which can result in pain and discomfort post-workout. This nutrient also plays a big role in our energy production, so without sufficient levels, you are likely to feel tired and weak. You can access magnesium in a range of foods, but to ensure you are consuming enough, take magnesium supplements before your workout for a boost of energy and you will also feel the benefits after your workout. 

Vitamin B12

This vitamin ensures that our red blood cells are formed correctly and that our body is able to convert our food into much needed energy. Additionally, vitamin B12 will help your brain and muscles to communicate to encourage effective coordination and increased muscle growth. You’ll find vitamin B12 in most meat, eggs and milk. For the vegans out there, it is common for you to experience deficiencies, but eating a teaspoon of Marmite a day will ensure you’re getting enough vitamin B12. 


We all know that calcium is vital in protecting our bones and teeth, yet it is also important in order for our muscles and metabolism to function correctly. Calcium can be taken in supplement form, but it is also rife in cheese, yoghurt and milk. For the perfect post-workout drink, have a protein shake either just with milk and protein, or try a smoothie with protein, greek yoghurt and berries. Sustaining good levels of calcium will help to support your fitness journey. 

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