Best Cities To Invest In Real Estate Across The UK

Best Cities To Invest In Real Estate Across The UK

If you’re looking to invest your money, real estate has historically offered a safe investment with good returns. You gain a physical asset that will continue to gain value and offer regular yields through rental income month after month. Or, perhaps you want a project and could renovate a house and sell it to make a profit. No matter your reason, real estate is almost always a great option. So, let’s look at a few of the best city locations in the UK that will offer great investment opportunities! 


Whether you’re wanting to invest in a property in a wealthy suburb or a swanky city centre flat, Manchester will be the place for you. Manchester is renowned for being like London, but smaller and friendlier, making it a very popular location for young professionals who have substantial amounts of disposable income. After experiencing everything the city has to offer for a while, people tend to move into suburbs like Didsbury, Cheedle and Altrincham to remain close to the city whilst also having easy access to the countryside. 

If you can afford to buy a property in one of these luxury areas, you will attract a rental market full of people who have money and are wanting to move out of the city but can’t quite afford to buy their own property in such affluent areas. Alternatively, if you have the money to buy a city centre flat, your return on investment will be fantastic. The great thing about Manchester is that it still has so much potential, so it is a safe investment to make. 


Edinburgh is a stunning city that has prospered massively over the last few decades, making it a tourist hotspot. There is a very high turnover of property sales throughout the city and it has a high population density, meaning there is constant demand for properties all over. Aside from its success in the real estate industry, if you’re wanting to look at commercial property for sale, Edinburgh might be the place for you. It’s economy has been booming, especially in the tourism and retail industries, making it a great place for substantial investments in the commercial sector. 


Your options for investing in Cardiff are endless. One of your best options would be to invest in a student house. If you aren’t in a position to manage the property yourself, there are so many established property management companies who specialise in student housing. Whilst you may have to be prepared for regular cosmetic repairs, your return on investment when it comes to student properties is phenomenal. The student community will always thrive in Cardiff, so this is another safe investment. 

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