Should You Opt For College Or Online Design Course?

The increasing trend of web marketing has given a new revolution to the Web Designing Industry. Especially, small and medium sized companies, which offcourse outnumber the big business giants, rely more on the online marketing techniques to reach out to their customers. Therefore, demand of creative and highly skilled web designers has increased manifolds.

With recent marketing trends, many young professional now pursue their career as web designers, but like many other professions, the first question that lies in front of them is where to start from?

There are a number of training options available for such individuals, however, the most important decision is whether to go to a professional college for such courses or train one’s own self via online lectures and conference. Here are a few points that will make your decision easy

The Benefits Of Getting Enrolled In College 

  1. Degree worth and reorganization is the most important aspect of regular and chartered institutes. An institute will provide you a globally accepted degree.
  2. The time you will spend in college, interacting with class mates and professors will actually pay during your professional career when a network in one’s own field can make huge difference. College life is the time when you can start building your business contacts.
  3. As many institutes have job placement cells, obtaining a job or internship may become easier and faster.

Drawbacks Of Getting Enrolled In College 

  1. College education is of course costly and time consuming as well. You may end up enrolling yourself in a two year degree program which may cost 10 times more than learning the techniques online.
  2. You will end up studying a number of additional courses, which may or may not benefit you later. However, to complete the requirements of credit hours, you don’t only have to get enrolled in them, but also clear them with good grades.
  3. The aim of college studies is to give an overview of the subject after which students can opt for the majority of their choice. A college degree may not impart practical knowledge and you may need to take few professional courses and trainings later, in order to start your career.

Benefits Of Online Training 

  1. You can select from a wide range of courses from web designing to content development. You have the option to develop your expertise in any technique of your choice such as PHP, Flash, XHTML etc.
  2. As compared to the college education, online training is cheaper.
  3. As you are not required to study any additional courses to complete degree requirements, you will save a lot of time and can squeeze the training process in half, or even less, of what it is in college.

 Drawback Of Online Training 

  1. You will lack a professional degree from an accredited institute, hence, your qualification may not be recognized by a number of companies.
  2. You will not be able to share your ideas and learn from other’s experiences.
  3. Your networking will be minimal and getting references and generating business for yourself can be difficult.

We may sum up saying that online training and design courses are suitable for freelancers who are looking for a side income source. In case you are looking for a progressive career, a recognized degree has its worth and cannot be replaced with the skill set of any kind.

Author Bio
Toni Meadows is a retired Business professor who now blogs about education and it’s importance in society. He has visited several colleges in Melbourne and has written his observations on business courses and opinions about each one.

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