What to do After Slip and Fall injury…….. A type of personal Injury


Walking around the market and city you may face Slip and Fall Accidents. If you or any of your loved ones had encountered such situation, you may realize the difficulties faced after such situation.  Slip and fall injuries may cause great danger to you and you have to get intensive medical treatment which affect you economically and mentally. Try to get the compensation money from land order whose negligence caused you accident.

Getting this compensation is not a piece of cake as land owner will try to prove your own fault.so there must be some tips to remember when you face any slip and fall accident.

The most important thing after such kind of accident is need of Slip and fall attorneys, get that and follow the following tips for more concrete case.


  • Your health is most important so get a medical help as soon as possible. It will also help you to get your injuries documented and you can use it as a proof. Save the medical bills and don’t delay in doctor’sappointments as all appointments near the date of injury would be thought included in compensation money.
  • Don’t forget to report the accident to place authority where u fell. If you are busy in medical treatment ask your family member to make sure that the report has been filed and get a copy of that report to use in your claim. An unfiled case is not fruitful. After being hospitalized call to make confirm your report is registered or not.
  • Owner and employees will psychologically pressurize you to accept the fault as your laces were unbind or your shoes were slippery but don’t admit the fault at spot as these can be used as evidence and will cause your case to be weak.
  • I will not advise an angry or emotional talk if you fall on someone’s home property. Go for medical treatment and control your anger.
  • In this age of technology, we all have a mobile with camera, use it. Take photos of immediate scene through many angles and don’t forget to take photos of your visible injuries. These photos will be evidence for you. you can prove that you have fallen due to owners negligence. And you need your compensation money from owner. If you have no photo than it becomes difficult or near impossible to prove that you had fallen due to untreated walk area.
  • You may surround many people. Ask them to tell you name, address and phone numbers so that you may call them during case.
  • Pack the shoes and clothing you wearing at the time of accident in a bag and get them stored. They are evidences of your fall.
  • Collect some statements from employees that owner knew about the hazardous conditions and did not do anything about it. It will make your penalty case strong.
  • Contact to attorney before signing anything. Don’t make a foolish mistake of signing insurance paper without telling your attorney.

By following above tips you may able to  get your right as it is the duty of land owner to take care of hazardous conditions to avoid the accidents.

Author’s Bio: Aiden is a law student and freelance writer for Roman Roman Law and has strong intention in personal injury cases.

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