Samsung Set To Unveil Smart Watch That Makes Calls Without A Paired Phone

Samsung Set To Unveil Smart Watch That Makes Calls Without A Paired Phone

The current smart watches, including Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, gadgets, can’t be utilized to make calls and they work appropriately just if we are connected with a cell phone. As per the  report of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the latest news is  currently Samsung is working on smart watches so we have a facility to make calls to the other persons and also send a text message without the help of any connection to a smart phone. It will be a standalone gadget, and at the same time it will offer to you all features of smart  watch.

Many  smart watches available on the market now can’t do, as indicated by individuals familiar with the organization’s plans. It will additionally take photographs, send emails, Bluetooth and a heart screen, the individuals said – a suite of features that would make the device toting James Bond pleased.

 The South Korean innovation giant – right now the top vender of cell phones – is in chats with telecom transporters in the U.S., South Korea and Europe about the watch-telephone, and wants to disclose the device between June and July, the individuals said. It will run on Samsung’s homegrown working system, Tizen, which was co-created with Intel Corp.

Samsung Set To Unveil Smart Watch That Makes Calls Without A Paired Phone

As of now, Samsung releases three smart  watches — Galaxy Gear 2, Galaxy Gear 2 Neo and Galaxy Gear Fit. While the Fit is to a greater degree a fitness band, the other two permit a client to get a call if that they are associated with a  Galaxy mobile phone through Bluetooth.

Samsung has sold over a  portion of million smart watches in Q1, 2014, collecting 71% shares of the overall industry. Smart watches sales are slowly increasing when the owners introduced in the market. While Samsung has created itself as a pioneer in the smart watch business, Gear series of items are yet to offer features and utility that could make them irresistible and draw standard buyers. For the present, the greater part of the customers purchasing smart watches are early adopters and geeks.

With the new smart watch that Samsung is marketing, the organization may offer with updated features to make Gear gadgets more attractive. If it is going to work without a cell phone, it will likely feature a space for a SIM card and possibly simpler to-utilize programming. The WSJ report noted that Samsung was already deals an agreement with telecom operators in the US and Europe for the watch, which is prone to be launched June or July. The watch is prone to run on Tizen, Samsung’s own  working system for smart gadgets, rather than Android that powers Galaxy mobile phones.

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