Facebook Can Now Identify The Song or TV Show You're Enjoying

Facebook Can Now Identify The Song or TV Show You're Enjoying

Facebook is used by the so many users throughout the world and it is helpful to the people for more purposes. Facebook has connected with lots of people to come the single way. Now the Facebook will add together a new technology. The Facebook will add up the new technology to the applications in the mobile. This technology will helpful for the identifying of users who are listening the music and shows and movies and shows in the television. The company face book recent move has the noticeable quality of media enjoy, full of the social network.

This new technology will helpful for recognizes to the users. The latest feature is compulsory for activated by the user and it is off of course. This technology would make a report update for the face book. This report update will provide the identification of the user who are listening the song and also gives the preview of 30-second. This is available for the especially to the friends of users.

Facebook is declared, this latest app post the officially on Wednesday and it will go as like official blog. And it is flowing with the music services like Spotify, Rdio, and Deezer. This music service proposes the previews in the music.

If you want to find the show on the television, Facebook would point out for the particular season. By using this technology can share the news of the users, which show they are watching at that time.

Facebook Can Now Identify The Song or TV Show You're Enjoying

The new technology will take the competition of the twitter in the future. And it comes under the online venue talks about the television shows, sports, other happiest things in the mean time.

This latest technology will also helpful for the activation of the Smartphone to the microphone. This also finds out the music, which shows were watched on the television and movie entertainment behind. And in the same way the most top apps like the Shazam app will also work.

When the users registered, this feature to their account starts the identification of the music. And the main advantageous feature of this technology is users can recognize the video playing behind the Facebook at any time. The face book user will compile the status report at any time.

As per the statement of Facebook, “by using this feature only songs and videos would be recognized. And this feature will identify the lot of songs easily”. But this feature fails the sound recording of songs behind the music.

The company face book said, this latest feature will be available for the both android and IOS versions of technologies. This app will run on all operating systems and available in the coming weeks of this month.

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