Preventing Scorpions From Invading Your Home

Problems May Come With Your New Home

Owning your own home can be a very thrilling and exciting experience. Many people love to own their own homes because of the freedom it offers. However, there is often a lot that goes into trying to maintain and keep a home in perfect shape. Maintaining a home keeps it habitable and comfortable for a very long time. Many people experience problems when it comes to proper maintenance of their homes. But sometimes, there are forces that are out of the control of homeowners that present new issues and problems constantly.

Pest Problems

One of the biggest challenges for any homeowner, no matter where they live in the world is insects and pests. Insects and larger pests can be problematic because they can invade your home, making you and the ones you live with very uncomfortable. They can also destroy food, furniture and the foundation of a home if not properly eradicated or controlled. However, for those who live in more temperate, tropical or exotic locales, pests that are native to the region can prove to be extremely difficult to control and keep out of certain buildings as well.


One of the most bothersome and frightening creatures that can invade homes is the scorpion. Scorpions most often do not go out of their way to trouble people, instead they find themselves being drawn to water sources in order to keep cool. Scorpions try to stay way from humid and dry places so homes are a natural sanctuary. But many people do not enjoy these insects in their homes. Scorpions gather in places such as bathrooms and kitchens where there is often a large amount of water. Luckily, there are many ways that one can scorpion-proof their home in order to keep the pesky insects outside.

Methods of Control

For those who are looking into scorpion control, there are several methods that can help. Caulking all of the vulnerabilities in your foundation such as entry points for pipes can help decrease the likelihood of a scorpion finding its way into your home. Another great method for decreasing scorpion presence in the home is to plant lavender flowers around the perimeter. This acts as a natural deterrent and also has the added effects of making the house look and smell great. Letting smaller creature such as spiders live on in the confines of the house is also a great decision. Spiders are the scorpion’s natural enemy and can help fend of invasions.
Another option is to adopt a pet. Pets can be great predators for hunting insects. If all else fails and you are unable to fend off scorpions yourself, calling an exterminator for poisonous scorpion control is a good idea. These are professionals who can keep scorpions out of the house and can prevent any future invasions. Many exterminators are very easy to get in contact with and are often very affordable. If you are experiencing an infestation of scorpions, choosing an exterminator or pest control specialist may be your ticket to an insect-free home and a happier life.

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