5 Fantastically Funny Gifts For The Bride To Be’s Bachelorette Party

Your best friend is getting ready to tie the knot and you want to surprise her with a gift that will help shake off those pre-wedding jitters. Whether it’s a voodoo doll that will help her get what she wants from her new husband or a funny tee shirt, these gifts will help her smile. The following are just five fantastically funny gifts for the bride to be’s bachelorette party.

New Husband Voodoo Doll
This is such a funny gift and fairly affordable as well. Costing less than $20, the New Husband Voodoo Doll comes with 10 stickpins and has actions written on the fabric that a wife may want her husband to perform. For example, the action may read, “Tell me that you love me.” This is such a cute gift and everyone at the party will get a laugh out of this one.
Hangover Gift Basket
Is the bachelorette party going to be wild? Then why not prepare a hangover gift basket for the bride to be? Include ibuprofen, medicine for nausea, coffee, an ice pack, a sleep mask, and anything else that will help her make it through the next day.
Retro Housewife Gift Basket
If your friend can stand a bit of joking, then you should definitely consider this gift basket. Include a retro cookbook from the 50s, an apron, a casserole dish, rubber cleaning gloves, a feather duster, and anything else the 1950’s housewife needed to get her job done. You might even want to include a screaming baby doll to complete the experience.
Honeymoon Gift Basket
This gift basket doesn’t have to be risque. You might include a piece of lingerie, some candles, a CD of romantic music, a cheap video recorder, chocolate sauce, and other funny items. She may be laughing, but chances are the basket will be going with her and even the hubby will be thanking you later.
Tee Shirts
Last, but not least, there are a number of funny tee shirts for bachelorette parties. Some sayings include, “Buy Me a Shot I’m Tying the Knot” and “The First Rule of _____ ‘s Bachelorette Party is to Never Talk About ________’s Bachelorette Party”. You could also have custom shirts made at companies like CafePress and Spreadshirt.
These funny gifts are sure to get the girls laughing as they wait for the entertainment to start. Whether it’s a fun gift basket or funny tee shirt, these gifts are easy to find and big on laughs. Best of all, they’re super affordable and clean enough to not embarrass anyone at the party.
About the Author: Tarra Savcedo just planned the bachelorette party for her best friend. The girls had a great, clean night and created tons of funny memories.

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