A Perfect Guide To Prepare The Car For The Mot


Passing the MOT is the primary condition to drive the automobile in the UK. According to the makers of the vehicles, around 1.5 million automobile fail this inspection due to few simple issues which are easy to correct without paying a visit to the car service stations for the expensive car repairs.

Are you celebrating the completion of three years of the car? If yes, it is time to prepare it for an essential test called the MOT this year. As modern cars are difficult to deal with, it becomes challenging for the owners to know which mechanical part is facing problems or is severely damaged. On neglecting car maintenance, it can cause serious accidents. For the safety of your family members on the roads, it is better to get the car inspected for the MOT.

These checks are pocket-friendly and also time-saving. You can perform some of these tests in your garage. Not only this, but it will also tell you whether the car is up to the mark regarding adhering the environmental standards or not.

But, you need not be worried about this test. Making your car ready for the MOT is not a big deal. Get the detailed description about it in the below-mentioned points. Read them all to avoid yourself from committing mistakes and save yourself from failing the MOT today!

Inspect The Outermost Sections Of The Car

Start the inspection with the exterior of the car and proceed to the internal section of the vehicle. The outermost portion of the car includes the doors, body, bonnet, wipers, windscreen, headlights, etc. Also, take the car to the car wash to clean it from all the dirt.

Examine the windscreen and wipers

The windscreen helps to keep a watch on the roads while the wipers keep this windscreen clean for the perfect watch. Therefore, it is essential to look after them and not ignore them. In case the windscreen is broken, get it replaced. Do not take any risk even if a small portion of glass in the windscreen is missing.

Check the wheels now

The tyres must be in the perfect shapes and sizes. Also, do not forget to measure the tread depth of the tyres. If it has any crack, it is better to get them changed.

Inspect the working condition of the lights

The lights have to be in good condition. To inspect the light, make sure that you check the fitting of the bulbs. Now, start tapping the bulbs. If they flicker, either you need to change them or tighten them. In addition to this, replace the broken bulbs with the new ones.

Apart from performing all these checks, make sure that you clean the registration plate. They must be fixed well. Also, the doors must be in good condition. Take them to the service station if you find any issue with them.

Internal Inspection

To start with the inspection process, spend some minutes checking the internal section of your automobile as well. Here are a few things that you can do.

Pay attention to the horn

Many people ignore checking the horns. If it produces unclear sound or is not loud enough, you can fail the MOT. If the horn is not at all working, you have no other option than getting it replaced.

Do not ignore the seats and seatbelts

It is essential to consider the cleanliness of the interiors as well. Make sure that it does not have a bad odour to leave the good impression the inspectors.

Now, check the seats of the car. The driver’s seat must move forward and backwards smoothly. That is why check the movement well. The seatbelts must not be damaged.

Check the brakes now

In the absence of a specialist, you cannot tell whether the brakes are working perfectly or not. But still, there are a few things that you can do to test them.

Firstly pull the lever of the handbrake. If you are pulling it for the longer period and quite far than the usual, you need to fix its cable. Also, get it tightened if the brake is easily released by pressing the lever. Also, check the fluid of the brake system under the bonnet. Fill it up if it looks empty.

In case, you need the help of the specialists, get in touch with the car repairing centres in the UK like Express Of Walton Limited. They make sure to get your car ready for the MOT process at affordable prices.

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