Men’s Top Fashion Trends To Be Following Spring/Summer 2021

Men’s Top Fashion Trends To Be Following Spring/Summer 2021

With us all being in lockdown on and off for a year, people are starting to get excited for the restrictions to loosen so we can all start to go to the bars and meet up with friends. Fashion trends are ever-changing, and people being more accustomed to wearing comfy clothes like mens full tracksuits on sale, it’s time to get people excited about looking good again. Nothing beats a fresh groom and a new outfit to wear before coming out of hibernation. The problem is, what to wear? In this article, we will go through some of the trends to be following for spring/summer 2021. 


The 1970s were by no means bad trendsetters, yes, there were a few wardrobe malfunctions but as a whole, they were definite trendsetters. The past five years have been slowly but surely increasing with the 70’s trends and they don’t seem to be slowing down in 2021. The spring and summer seasons are coming up and it has brought back the floral prints with it. 

There are so many brands this year who are adopting this floral trend with the likes of Saint Laurent and Tom Ford covering shorts, shirts and tailoring with bold floral prints. One thing to remember is that floral is best as a statement piece, so it is best to only use one piece with minimalist to no patterns with the rest of the outfit.


Urban streetwear has been on the rise in recent years and with staple brands like supreme, Off White, Stussy and Nike collaborating with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, there is always going to be something new to add to the wardrobe. Whether this is a simple snapback or the latest collab, streetwear fashion is a trend to be following. 

Streetwear doesn’t have to align itself with other trends, as this is a trend to follow in itself. Bold statement pieces always look good when you combine them with minimal clothing designs as a great statement piece or have a look around for a cool pair of Nike SB trainers for the summer months.  

Bermuda shorts

Every season, men’s shorts get higher and higher. Well, this year they are getting longer and longer. Gucci, Valentino, Fendi and other high fashion brands are adopting longer and wider pairs of shorts that fall a couple of inches above the knee. For everyday wear use bold patterns or colours for everyday use but also have a good quality pair of tailored styles, which can be paired with casual or smarter items of clothing. 

It is clear to see that old styles are coming back on trend and with high fashion brands adopting these looks throughout their season reveals, it is exciting to see what else 2021’s fashion will bring throughout the seasons. All we know now is that trends are now looking for a more relaxed and comfortable fit rather than the short shorts and slim fit attire that we are all used to from previous seasons.

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