How To Promote Blog On Social Media

You have a blog. The only problem is you don’t have too many readers or visitors. Using social media sites to resolve this problem is a great idea. It helps to widen your search for readers and enables you to promote your blog in more ways than you may have done before.

The best-known social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The latter is intended more for professionals but it could suit your blog if you are aiming at a professional audience. The important thing to remember is to choose the most appropriate social media site (or two) to establish a platform on. If the majority of your customers are on Facebook you’d better make sure you are on there too.

It is a good idea to make sure you allocate some time to promote your blog on a regular basis. So many people promote their services all-out to begin with, maybe for a week or so, and then let everything slide. This is why hiring a social media marketing agency in London can be such a good idea. They can work with you to plan a strategy to promote your blog. Once this strategy is in place they will handle everything and you can simply get on with other tasks.

You also get the benefit of the immense amount of knowledge a social media marketing agency in London has. If you do it alone you are relying on learning everything as you go along – and that can involve a steep learning curve.

The basics are easy enough to cover, of course. You can add a link to your blog on the profile page you get on every social media site you join. You can also use a few keywords in the description you can add for your website.

However it can soon get a little more involved. For example you need to know when your audience is online so you can reach as many people as you can. Schedule your posts or tweets if it helps. This can enable you to get to lots of people you wouldn’t normally reach. Experimentation will help you work out the best times to send your messages.

Finally, you can assess how often you are reaching out to your audience. After all, one message a week probably isn’t going to get them too excited. If you focus on reaching out to your audience on a regular basis, you have a chance to connect with them more readily. They will know you tweet or send messages pretty regularly and they are more likely to see and remember you. In turn they’ll be more likely to click links and visit your blog as well – thus giving you the traffic you really want.

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