6 Must-Know Fashion and Style Tips For Curvy Women

It’s nice to be living in a time when super-skinny is no longer considered a healthy or attractive way to be, while curves are being more widely celebrated than they have been for generations. It’s no secret that men have always preferred having a little something ‘extra’ to cosy up to at night, but it’s only as of relatively recently that women in large numbers have likewise begun to celebrate healthy curves for the glorious goodies they are.

Of course it’s often the case that those rocking these kinds of curves can be somewhat on the conservative side when it comes to their fashion choices as to not cross the line into the seemingly overweight. According to the experts at www.bellafashionqueen.co.uk¸there probably isn’t a curvy lady in the world who would actually like to look even curvier than she already is – celebrating curves is one thing but going OTT is another thing entirely.

6 Must-Know Fashion and Style Tips For Curvy Women

So in the spirit of those who are well and truly in love with their curves and would like nothing more than to do them justice, here’s a quick look at six simple style and fashion tips guaranteed to help make it happen:

1 – Start At the Bottom

By bottom, we of course mean with the underwear you choose as you cannot expect to pull off a look that both feels and looks incredible if you don’t start out with the perfect underwear. Even if it means (finally!) getting yourself professionally measure for a bra that fits your body like a glove, doing so will ensure that everything you wear on top of the bra looks as incredible as it possibly can.

2 – Banish the Baggy

Quite simply the biggest mistake that can be made by any curvy lady is that of thinking it’s a good idea to try and hide their curves. Unfortunately, not only does this never achieve a good look, but it’s a sure fire way of both making your frame look bigger and robbing you of your shape. The uniquely feminine shape your curves create is to be celebrated and while you may of course not be inclined to make a beeline for the super-clingy stuff, you should at the same time beware of anything even remotely baggy.

3 – If You Have Them, Flaunt Them…A Bit

There’s a very fine line between showing the perfect amount of cleavage and crossing the line into the outright vulgar. Common sense should be able to tell you where this line can be drawn, though there are of course differences from one woman to the next in line with her own unique body shape. V-shaped necks can be a great way of putting a little of what you’ve got on display while at the same time helping create the illusion of a longer, more svelte frame in general.

4 – The Beauty of Big Belts

Invest in a few larger-sized belts and the way you can play around with all manner of dresses and get-ups is simply epic. With pretty much any longer tops or dresses you own, the right belt in the right place can work wonders for your body and your curves. Experiment with a bunch of different heights and you’ll see how your perceived shape changes with each slight alteration. From creating the illusion of height to raising your waistline and right through to accentuating the curve of your hips, the right belt really can be a miracle worker.

5 – Accessorise Boldly, But Thoughtfully

One of the most important fashion tips of all for curvier figures is that of going bold with the accessorising, but at the same time not going OTT. In terms of the specific accessories to try out, experts always side with chunky bracelets, larger earrings and longer necklaces – anything that stands out and won’t simply fade into the background. In terms of how many accessories to use on the other hand, it’s a case of choosing a few outstanding examples with the utmost of care and being careful not to overdo it – too many and you’ll come across as heavy and clumsy.

6 – Simplicity

Last but not least, as is the case with most areas of fashion and all body sizes and shapes across the board, simplicity is more often than not the way to get the job done. The more you get carried away with the unnecessary frills and add-ons, the more you end up looking like you’re making way too much effort for no reason. From your hair to your makeup and right through to clothing and accessories, keep things simple and you’ll find it difficult to go wrong.

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