How To Prolong The Life Of Your Washing Machine

How To Prolong The Life Of Your Washing Machine

When we buy a modern washing machine, we expect not only good quality washing and quiet operation, but also long service life. And we are unpleasantly surprised when a serious breakdown occurs within a couple of years. We want to blame a careless manufacturer, but, should we?

On the one hand, household appliances, for the most part, have become so convenient and understandable to use that buyers practically stopped reading the accompanying documentation.

On the other hand, users take some advertising promises too literally or might be confident due to availability of expert local repair services like As a result, a lot of people use it wrong and overestimate expectations regarding its consumer properties and reliability.

What can you do to make your washing machine last longer, don’t jump and wash better?

1. Correct Installation

It is very important to choose the right place for installing the washing machine. Many people pay insufficient attention to this problem. Household appliances have no place in the bathroom. Constant dampness will lead to deterioration of internal and external elements. Moisture promotes the formation of mould and mildew. Prefer a flat and smooth surface for installation. The machine should not “jump” during spinning. This can lead to equipment failure. Make sure that there is a small distance between the floor and the bottom of the appliance to ensure ventilation. And do not expose household appliances to direct sunlight.

2. Protection Against Voltage Surges

Connect the washing machine to a power source through a grounded socket. Forget about adaptors and extension cords! Use a quality surge protector and voltage regulator whenever possible. These devices will help prevent the failure of important microcircuits.

3. Anti-scale

How To Prolong The Life Of Your Washing Machine

The most common reason for the failure of a washing machine is the formation of scale on the heating element. Many users face this problem. It is a mistake to assume that scale appears only with frequent use of the boiling mode. No one is insured against lime deposits on the heating element.

It is important to periodically clean the heating element. It is not necessary to use expensive chemicals for this. Experienced craftsmen consider ordinary citric acid to be the best way to combat scale. It is enough to put a few bags of sodium bicarbonate into the drum and start the wash cycle without laundry at the maximum temperature.

4. Pressure Control in the Water Supply System

Watch the water pressure. If it is too weak, postpone the wash. At a pressure below normal, there is an extra load on the pump. Due to the increased work, this part can quickly burn out.

And if that happens, don’t give up on your old friend. Try to replace washing machine parts and prolong its life that way.

5. Caring for the Cleanliness of the Drain and Inlet Filter

Do not forget that limescale can appear not only on the heating element but also on other parts of the device. A clogged drain and inlet filter lead to increased pump operation and rapid wear.

6. Correct Loading of Laundry

Read the instructions for your washing machine. Load the drum with the required amount of laundry in accordance with the selected function and the technical characteristics of the device. Too few items increase the vibration of the appliance. And an excessive overload of the machine threatens early wear of the engine and the mountings on which the drum is held.

Place small items, as well as fluffy, woollen and downy clothes in a special bag before washing. You can use a duvet cover instead. Check your pockets before putting your garment in the drum. Metal objects can enter the inner compartment of the tank and cause a malfunction. Inspect the drain pump filter once a month. It is located at the bottom of the washing machine on the right. Open the door carefully and remove any excess.

7. Using Good Quality Detergents

An incorrectly selected cheap detergents damage the internal parts of the device. Use a water softener. And do not think that a large amount of detergent will improve the quality of washing. Observe the manufacturer’s recommended dosage.

8. Compliance with the Rules of Washing

Do not put items contaminated with solvents or oily substances into the washing machine. Before loading such clothes into the drum, soak them in hot water and then dry them. Do not change the wash cycle during use. Due to such manipulations, automation may fail. And do not turn the switch counterclockwise.

9. Care of the Outside of the Washing Machine

Do not close the door after washing. Dry the drum and ventilate the interior. Never leave wet laundry inside the appliance. Moisture contributes to mould growth. And clothes will not benefit from this either.

Take out and clean the detergent and softener compartment once a month. Here, as in other parts of the device, there is a risk of fungus. It is best to soak the detergent compartment in a bowl of bleach for a while, then wipe it dry.


Follow all recommendations for use, ensure proper care of the equipment. The washing machine will thank you with clean laundry and a long service life.

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