Top Tips To Maintain Your Washing Machine

From time to time your washing machine will have problems and it can be a real logistical nightmare if it happens at the ‘wrong time’.

Thankfully there are a few things which you can do which should prolong the life of the washing machine, without having to pay out for new spare or parts which you can get online from a number of places such as Spares Direct.

Below is a list of some of the easiest things you can carry basic maintenance checks on which if done regularly could prolong the lifetime of your washing machine by years.

Top Tips To Maintain Your Washing Machine

Levelling of the Base

Washing machines are heavy and during the spin cycle often take a lot of battering around due to the vibrations. This can cause them to become unbalanced and lead to parts of the machine wearing quicker than others, again causing problems. The four legs at the bottom should all be working in unison to ensure that the machine is constantly level, but if they slip, you could have a machine that bangs into other appliances causes further issues.

Most machines are quick easy to re-level and you may just need a hand form a friend to support you whilst you move come of the legs. A tell tale sign that it isn’t level is excessive noise so if you notice this over a period of time, check the feet on the machine. If let, the machine will then vibrate so much that it could cause problems to other parts in the machine which could then need replacing with new spares or ultimately lead to a catastrophic failure of the machine.

Water-fill Hoses

Water fill hoses are also something which you should check on a regular basis. They can over time become weaker, causing leaks and if this gets too bad they will eventually burst. Most manufacturers recommend replacing the hose every 5 years and in that time you need to check. This is quite easy to do and is just a visual check for any kinks or splits in the hose. You should be careful when checking this because if the hose ruptures, it could carry incredibly hot water which could burn skin.

This is also something to check if you happen to notice water coming from the back of the machine. If you are unsure if your hose is faulty, you should always contact a professional engineer.

Clean the Lint Filter

All washing machines have a lint filter whose job is to collect lint off clothes during the wash cycle.  Over time this become clogged up and will then fail to collect the correct amount per wash. Eventually it will be ineffective. If you clear this regularly, not only will you help you machine work more efficiently, you will also have cleaner clothes.

These are just a few things which can be done regularly to improve the performance of your washing machine, as well as reducing the risk of having to pay for a new part, or a brand new machine. If you are unsure you should however always seek professional advice.

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