How To Build Your Special Bug Out Bag?

The term is bugging out means ready to leave your home during an emergency situation. The pre-prepared bag will sustain you throughout the entire journey until you reach your destination.

It is a difficult task to select the right backpack, and some of them will be made of low quality. You can build your bug out bag based on the items you wish to carry during your trip. Once you have decided to build your pack, there should be enough space to keep the following items.

  1. Water –You will need at least 1 liter of water per day and to survive 72 hours; you will need 3 liters of drinking water. Water should be stored in 3 or 4 durable containers to reduce bulk. Army people can carry metal bottles so that it can be used to boil drinking water collected from the field.
  2. Medicines –There should be a small pocket inside the bag to keep the medical kit.
  3. Food –When planning for a survival trip, the get home bag should build in such a way to store simple and easy food to prepare meals. You can carry canned vegetables and meat. The bag should contain space to keep the simple cooking kit. You should be able to store one small metal pot, a spoon, a cup and a plate. For preparing food, you need heat so that you may carry an ultralight stove.
  4. Shelter –In the bag, you should be able to pack clothes which will protect you from rain, cold and heat.
  5. Tools –The important tool you must have in your bag is a knife. Beside knife, you must carry a screwdriver, blade, pliers and wire cutter.

How To Build Your Special Bug Out Bag?

What to consider Building Backpack?

  • The size of your bag –The size of the backpack should be decided based on how long you have to keep you alive. It should be big enough to hold items for at least four days. The quantity of the item you wish to carry influence the size of your bag.
  • The location you are traveling to –If you are going to live in a cold climate, you need warm clothes, and if you live in a warm climate, you will need sunglass, sunscreen, and water. The weather, climate, geography and terrain influence what goes in your bag.
  • Emergencies you could face –If you are in the army, you must be able to carry weapons, medical kit, and other accessories. If it is a natural disaster, you must be able to carry food, water, and cooking pots. Build bag based on the emergency situation you are going to face.
  • Consider your health condition –When building a backpack, it is wiser to build a lighter one instead of a heavier one. You should be able to carry the bag on your back and walk long distances.

A bug out bag is designed to meet a unique scenario. These bags will have a pre-prepared survival kit designed to get you through for at least 72 hours. You have to decide the purpose of your backpack when building your own. Make sure the material is stretchable enough and of high quality.

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