Learn About The Advantages Of Hybrid Cloud Integration from An Expert

Learn About The Advantages Of Hybrid Cloud Integration from An Expert

Hybrid cloud is lucrative as it allows customers to draw on the varied-reaching competences of public cloud service providers by means of private cloud placement for profound data and applications. The significance of cloud computing over the last years has been extraordinary. From a comparatively unknown theory, the cloud has become an important part of the meeting room at companies across industries.

The latest development is to combine the benefits of both public and private cloud offerings to create a hybrid cloud infrastructure. These hybrid clouds utilize the security and control of a private cloud, accompanied by the flexibility and reduced cost of public cloud. Jointly they form a great solution to meet the difficulties on IT from the rest of the business.

Learn About The Advantages Of Hybrid Cloud Integration from An Expert

Hybrid Cloud Integration professional Rene Bostic is at presently working at IBM North America as the VP for Cloud Technical Sales. She has occupied numerous sales, support, and leadership designations in the company. As an expert in Hybrid Cloud Integration, she states that Hybrid Cloud has lots of advantages such as:

  • It can help in saving money. This is perhaps one of the key benefits that hybrid cloud offers. In order to survive infrequent eruptions in system usage you do not need to spend money and build infrastructure. As an alternative, organizations can use public cloud offerings to divest some of the substantial usage, and only have to pay when they require it. With less money spent on setup, more funds can be dedicated to other serious projects that aid move the business onward.
  • It offers enhanced security than the traditional approaches and in fact experts believe that Hybrid Cloud Integration users suffer much less attacks.
  • It enhances the productivity of the organization as by using the public cloud during heavy usage, organizations can experience less downtime and outages. For creating and examining new applications, the hybrid cloud also offers a smart opportunity for hosting them.
  • It allows the employees to get access to the emails or update the spreadsheet round the clock. Today, almost all businesses work round the clock and the Hybrid Cloud Integration system allows the employees to access the emails anytime and anywhere.

As Rene rightly states, the hybrid cloud integration system can also bring a lot of challenges; but if the planning and implementation are carried out properly; then these issues can be minimized.

Apart from being an expert in cloud computing, Rene Bostic is also an expert in emerging technologies as well as disruptive innovation. Besides working with IBM North America, for the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement she is a member of the board of directors. She is also an expert member of the

  • Cloud Standards Customer Council
  • Society of Women Engineers
  • Communications Group, Inc.

She has received several awards in IBM such as:

  • Recognitions as part of the Golden Circle
  • Multicultural Women Symposium
  • Leadership Forum

In addition to this, for mentoring and backing mathematics and sciences disciplines she has also been given a Career Communications Group Leadership award.

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