Good Investment Or Oddity? Pros And Cons Of Adding A Bidet In A Lavatory Upgrade

Bidets are very popular in Italy and several other European nations, but it has taken awhile for American homeowners to warm up to the idea of installing one as part of their bathroom. However, the emergence of attachable bidets and other budget options has been capturing a lot of attention. After all, bidets are popular in other countries because they enable the user to easily elevate their level of personal hygiene, and this is definitely something that everyone should aspire to.

What Exactly is a Bidet?renovated bathroom with bidet

A bidet has a similar appearance to a toilet, but its function is to provide an easy way to get clean after the toilet has been used.
Now, also available is the bidet seat which actually “replaces your toilet seat and attaches to your existing toilet bowl,” according to Bidet King, a retailer and bidet expert.
Countries that have embraced bidets believe that using water to wash up is the only way to be truly hygienic after using a toilet, and it is common to find these bathroom additions in homes and hotel rooms.

The History of the Bidet

The name of the inventor who created the bidet has been lost to history, but the word itself is French, and that seems to imply that the person and the invention originated in France. Historians believe that French furniture makers were the first people to begin manufacturing and selling them.
In 1710, the first reference to a bidet was written in Italy. Today, approximately 95 percent of all Italian homes include a bidet. Until the early 1900s, bidets were commonly placed in the bedroom, but they were moved into the bathroom in order to conserve space. They have remained in production since at least the early 1700s, but the first spray-hose attachment that could be hooked up to an existing toilet was not marketed until the beginning of the 1980s.

What are the Pros of Installing a Bidet?

Putting a bidet in your bathroom will make it easier to clean up throughout the day, and it will also let other people know that you take your personal hygiene very seriously.
Additionally, incorporating a bidet into your American home will make you look like a trendsetter who is not afraid to do something special, especially when it can benefit your health. Even though bidets have taken time to become popular in the U.S., they are likely to become commonplace eventually, so getting one installed now will put you ahead of the curve.

What are the Cons of Installing a Bidet?

If you have a small bathroom, it might be difficult to find space for a bidet. Fortunately, there are some options that can be added to your existing toilet, like the bidet seat, that will take up less space. It will also be necessary to let people know how it works so that no one uses it inappropriately.
Including a bidet in your next bathroom upgrade is definitely a great way to improve your personal hygiene, and it will enable you to begin taking advantage of something that European citizens have been using for hundreds of years. As an added bonus, it is now relatively easy to fit one into a tight space on a limited budget.

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