Best 3 Ways To Travel To Mexico For Free

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Do you find Mexico fascinating, and hope that someday you will travel and unravel its charm? Mexico is not just one of the most beautiful countries in the world, but, it’s also one of the countries that you can visit for pleasure, leisure, educative purposes or even for business. The good news is; you really don’t need to stress so much about spending heavy fees on the paperwork to get to Mexico. This is because there actually exists legal ways by which visitors can enter the country for free! Some of these outstanding ways include:

Best 3 Ways To Travel To Mexico For Free

Becoming Part of a Research Team:

Every year, hundreds of researches are conducted in Mexico. Researchers and volunteers involved in the research process are therefore not exposed to the heavy laws that govern Mexico’s immigration department. Instead, researches are given individual attention and afforded special packages when entering, staying in and leaving the country.
If you are a researcher, a student or would like to travel to Mexico for free, then this is one of the best ways to get into the country.

Take Advantage of Mexico’s Free Zone:

Mexico’s free zone is well known as being the easiest avenue to getting into Mexico. This is as a result of the lax laws that afforded to tourists in the area. Tourists visiting Mexico’s free zone for instance don’t have to have a visa or a FMT. Moreover, you won’t have to pay any tax when leaving the country. However, you ought to bring a passport with you, for precautionary measures.
In addition, if you choose to travel to Mexico via the road, then, you won’t be obliged to produce any permits for your car. One can further pack their car within the free zone as long as they would like to without being asked to produce a permit.

Attend short-term Social Events and Festivities:

Whenever you want to have some good time and fun, especially if you leave within and around Mexican borders, then you can take advantage of the proximity and attend their festivities, for free. The reason why this is so common and easy is because of the ‘gambling’ kind of check-up that is done at the border. For instance, if you are driving and the lights on your lane are green, you can drive away. If the lights are red though, you’ll have to pull over.
If walking to Mexico, one is directed to push a stoplight button for a check-up. However, due to the high number of tourists walking back and forth the border, this rarely happens. This makes it more convenient to walk into Mexico, do your thing, and walk back.
This mode of travelling to Mexico will nevertheless demand that you leave within 72 hours for it’s illegal to be in the country for three consecutive days without a tourist card.
However easy and cheap it may seem for you to get into Mexico, always ensure that you respect and observe their laws so as not to get into problems with the country’s administration.
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