Do You Look After Your Elderly Person and Want To Be Alert Every Time – Here’s How

The life is moving fast and day by day various diseases affect us – whether it is your parents, your children or even your neighbours. Besides diseases there are various other factors, which make it compulsory to monitor the health of your dear ones when you are away from home.

The personal health / life emergency alert system panic and help buttons are few tools, which can be very helpful in an emergency. The market is fully loaded with different types of gadgets of medical care alert system or personal health care system. However, we need to be careful while selecting the system. We have to look various features before selecting the appropriate system.

Monitoring Type:

It is necessary to determine the kind of monitoring system you require. If the aged person has a tendency to fall, you have to ensure to get the system that activates without the need of the phone. You may have to be aware of the final requirement or if the person is having any disability or has suffered any heart attack, the system should be selected accordingly.

Future Proof:

It is necessary that the system has to be future proof without having to face difficulty in operations and maintenance in future. The system should be serviceable and upgraded, according to the requirement as the year passes.

Range or Coverage:

The system should be designed in such a manner that it is able to cover your entire room along with the periphery or garden.

Time Frame:

The time-frame for which the system has to be monitored is essential. It depends whether you want to monitor your elders temporarily during some treatment or post-operation or you want to have the system permanently installed. In such cases, you have to enter contracts for specific periods.


The system should be light in weight and easy wearable. If the system is bulky and not comfortable to wear, it will hinder the daily activity of your elder.  Habit to remove the gadget during bedtime or mealtime to avoid irritation will make the system void of usage.


The reputation and reliability of the company is very necessary before going for any gadget or system. The service record should be clean and they should be able to provide the services efficiently.


The service provider or the manufacturer of the system should have experience in tackling the issues in emergency and respond without any delay. They should have experience and technical staff to provide the service.

Compatibility and Availability:

The system should be compatible with other make or model and work in co-ordination to provide a complete solution, if suitable gadget is not available with the same service provider.

Monitoring Station:

The monitoring station should be able to provide the required certifications for operation 24×7 and 365 days without hindrance. The equipment should be frequently calibrated by professional and dedicated team should be always on standby as backup plan.

Pricing and Contract:

Before signing the contract or finalizing the system, it is necessary to look at the start-up cost along with installation and services charges. The cancellation charges should be looked after in case the service is terminated in between due to any reasons whether is unsatisfactory service or genuine reasons.

It is necessary to make a thorough comparison of prices, features and flexibility of the offered system with other systems available in the market.

Device Options:

The gadgets considered should have the modern technology but user-friendly with options like GPS facility, auto-alarm feature, self-detection of false alarms etc.

Thus, the system should be fool-proof and future-proof raising alarms only in emergencies. It should be efficient enough to suffice the purpose it is purchased for. After all, it is for the safety and security of your loved ones and the system should not compromise in any aspect.

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