Can A General Urologist Handle A Reverse Vasectomy Operation?

The BJUI, which is the Journal of the British Association of Urological Surgeons, very categorically states in an authoritative article [1], that a vasectomy reversal should only be carried out by urology specialists who have trained in micro surgery and have access to micro surgical equipment. In addition, these surgeons should also have trained in assisted reproductive technologies. The journal goes on to add that vasovasostomy should not be handled by a general urology surgeon.
This article has the potential to startle many men who are planning to get the procedure done by a general urology surgeon. In fact, the article can make them better informed patients.
The article contains the findings of a very long 10-year study, which was based on many detailed surveys conducted among British urology surgeons. The article also adds that couples must not be seen by urologists who have diverse interests. Only specialist urologists who have experience in microsurgery and access to micro surgical equipment, and also possess experience in assisted reproductive technologies should help couples.

The article also describes the reasons why.
One prime reason is that patient management, after a previous vasectomy, is extremely delicate and complex. Only specialized urologists have detailed knowledge in all the surgical techniques that are available. The article also says that working with specialist urologists can maximize the chance of pregnancy, which is the desired outcome.
Here are a few other interesting finds:
1. In the UK, 6% of vasectomized men opt for the reversal procedure. In America, surgeons perform 500,000 vasectomies every year and it is estimated that about 1% of all vasectomized men opt for a reversal every year.
2. Specialist urologists can tie up the ends of the vas deferens back or suggest surgical retrieval of sperm or suggest other means such as adoption or sperm donation.
3. Only 50% of all urologists counseled their patients (couples) about the alternatives available.
4. Only 41% of urologists informed the patients on the expected outcomes of the procedure.
5. The surveys demonstrated that urologists, who specialize in problems of the male genital tract, perform more vasectomies than other urologists. These specialist urologists also insist on seeing both the partners and discuss all options that are available. They also discuss expected outcomes and use an operating microscope during the procedure.
So, well, we hope that this informative article helps you become a better informed patient and therefore helps you in choosing the right surgeon.

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