Building The Bathroom Of Your Dreams: Inspiration With No Compromise

Building The Bathroom Of Your Dreams Inspiration With No Compromise

After the stress of moving day is behind you, you can relax, and start to think about the realities of the house you’re now living in. After a period of simply enjoying your new home, your thoughts will inevitably turn to things you can do to make this property truly yours. You can’t really call it a home if you’re living amid the previous owners decorating decisions: in a new property, or one that’s been redecorate with an eye on selling, it’s too bland! It feels like you’re living in a rental home. If it’s been a family home for many years, there are doubtless some very personal, and somewhat eccentric choices that you need to remove before you can stamp your own personality on the place.

Today we’re turning our attention to the bathroom. The key to designing a bathroom you can really love is first of all, pulling out all the stops. Sure you have a budget to think about, but when you’re dreaming, dream big! You don’t have to compromise in your imagination. This allows you to get a clear picture of what you really want, and when you’ve designed the bathroom of your dreams, you can begin to think about how to create that effect with the resources you have available in reality. Maybe you can’t afford a free standing, eagle footed bathtub like you’ve always dreamed of but you can give the room a classic look with some Edwardian bathroom accessories.

Your freewheeling, wildest-dream plans are what tell what you value in a bathroom, so if you long for hour after hour soaking in a bath scented with fragrant oils while you stare up through a skylight into a blue, cloudless sky, you can learn that what really want is natural light. You might not be able to fit a skylight, but you can certainly decorate to make the most of the light available so your bathroom doesn’t feel closed in and you can begin to relax there.

You might not be able to fit a skylight (quite apart from budgetary concerns, it might simply be architecturally impossible to install a new window in your existing bathroom), but you can decorate in light shades, add mirrors opposite existing windows to increase the sense of light and space, and add some plants in darker corners to add some outdoor character while disguising the darkest depths of the room.

Dreaming big and then working with what you’ve got is the key to happy home renovations so start that blue sky thinking!

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