5 Hippest Travel Gadgets to Get Before Your Next Adventure

Modern day travelers are afforded with a variety of tech gadgets that can make their trip more exciting, comfortable, and safe. But as travel-related products saturate the market faster than you can keep up with customer reviews and technical information about each of them, it’s nearly impossible to determine which one is a bargain for your budget. Here’s five hip travel gadgets that won’t only make travel easier but will also make you more stylish out on the open road.

Universal Adapter

Needing to bring multiple chargers for your phone, laptop, and other electronic devices can be a nuisance. Some adapters, however, require an extender, which you’ll have to buy separately for most adapter sets. In addition, the first few generations of all-in-one adapters also suffered from other issues, such as incompatibility with power outlets of foreign places and cheap product design that came apart after only some time of usage. Today’s all-in-one plug adapters recognize different plugging standards for the US, UK, EU, and AU, giving you power for your devices wherever and whenever needed.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

As much as you’d want to indulge in the audible experience that your travel brings, some noises just doesn’t improve or help your travel in any way. What do you do? Shut them out of course. From the torturing outcries of babies on an airplane to the loud train or ship sirens, your travel can do just as well without these unwelcome noises. A pair of noise-cancelling headphones can be a great investment even at a somewhat significant starting price of $200. While the price difference is undoubtedly distinguishable from a pair of $50 headphones, it definitely pays back in countless hours of peace and quiet on your trips.

Smartwatches and Wristbands

Definitely one of the fastest rising tech gadgets today is the slew of smartwatches and wristbands. From Skecher’s GoWalk Activity Tracker to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear S3, you’ve got a wide selection of these stylish accessories to choose from. Prices for these elegant pieces of tech start out at AU$100, which many consumers and travelers on a shoestring budget may find difficult to justify. However, outfitted with a slew of handy features, like Sleep and Calorie Intake Monitor, it’s got the functionality to back up it’s price point. Of course, let’s not forget the added stylishness it bestows upon the traveler’s getup.

Bluetooth Trackers

Nokia’s Treasure Tag and tiles from the Tile app are handy compact tools for keeping track of your valuables during your travels. It’s very common for travelers to lose a phone, tablet, or something important because of having to hastily go through their bags at airports or whenever they need to take something out while staying at a hotel. A tracker is basically a small tag that stays wirelessly connected to an item. When you cannot find the item, you simply press a button on an app on your mobile phone and it shows you where the item is, given that it is within range.


A leap above traditional video camcorders, GoPros come in sturdier designs and can record significantly greater amounts of data for both short and long trips. What makes it the ideal companion for travel is its wear-ability and, more importantly, its ability to record first-person view video in high definition quality.

Many travel gadgets can be categorized as an accessory rather than a necessity. However, as convenience becomes a driving force to why people travel, these gadgets are quickly becoming a staple in every traveler’s backpack. Whether you’re traveling for leisure or business, the gadgets aforementioned above and the related products in the market category are definitely a worthwhile investment.

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