An Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Distance MBA

The dilemma most people face before taking on MBA is whether it is actually worth the risk to give away a well-paying job only to work for a degree and then, try to achieve a better paying job. To many people, this is a risk they do not take. However, there are choices you have if you are not willing to take the chance or risk that is mentioned above. There are distance MBA programs that are offered by most of the prestigious universities around the world.
Let’s start with the basics: What is your reason to join MBA? To most of you, the answer is simple that it is the next logical step in your academic careeror your professional career. There might be multiple reasons to the question:  Why MBA Distance Education. Most frequent answers include time constraint, money constraints, job which is good. So, let us start at how you can pick a college and on what basis is that college good for your needs. The best way to start however is to inform yourself better, you can try DDE, Pondicherry University, an organisation which caters to these needs.
The first thing you check even before becoming interested in a college which is offering you distance MBA is its accreditation. In the online world, a little blind trust can come back to haunt you in a very bad way. Make sure that you know what it is that you are getting into and make sure that it is safe enough to trust. We follow government standards for quality in everything, from food to heavy machinery. The same logic and rule applies to universities and colleges too. Thus, you should always make sure of the college or the university’s accreditation. Make sure you talk to professional help such as DDE, Pondicherry University to learn better.
Once you have checked for the accreditation by the Government, the next step is dependent on your priorities and preferences. You need to ask yourself what is convenient for you. Let us discuss the slight difference between distance education by post and online education. There is not much difference except for the physical form of the study material. Here is a question for you: How good is my access to the internet? The answer to that question should answer your question on which college is suitable for your needs. Without a proper functioning internet connection, it is almost impossible and almost useless to even attempt to try the course online, so simply prefer colleges which provide material by post too. This point is especially important for people living in villages or the more rural areas.
The free structure of most prestigious colleges is absurd for most of us. Unless, we take a loan from a bank and get bogged down by EMIs, there is simply no other way for us to afford them. So, the advantage of getting a degree at the same college or university without the added financial strain is most appealing for us. However, there is a difference in the degree you achieve as a full-time student and as a distance learner. This is irrefutable and ignorance is never bliss. Learn about the value of the degree from that college by speaking to the alumni who have chosen distance education and also to the alumni and students who have attended the full-time student courses.
If you are a little more enthusiastic and with time in your hands, then you can pursue two programs. Two programs doesn’t mean two degrees. One will be your distance MBA degree in finance and the other can be a diploma in any field you are interested in. This idea is for people who have time on their hands. However, it is not advisable to pick two programs without completely analysing the time you will have at your hands. It is usually a dumb idea to try and pick up more than you can carry.

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