10 Best Enjoyable Places In Australia

10 Best Enjoyable Places In Australia

Are you looking for enjoyable places in Australia to visit, the places that may give you a quality and fulfilling holiday experience, the most beautiful places or something else? Well relax because you are at the right place as I am going to take you through a list of ten best enjoyable places and destinations found in Australia. The list contains a faultless mix of the popular, the most beautiful and the cool places found in Australia that gives you an amazing enjoyable experience that is quite unmatched.


For anyone looking forward to an enjoyable holiday experience in Australia, then Sydney should be your first stop. Located on the southern coast of Australia and the Capital of New South wales, Sydney is a modern city that is crowned with a long history. The city is symbolized by its picturesque harbour that is amazing. There is a lot to do and see in Sydney ranging from the amazing attractions of the Harbour Bridge to splendid beaches, Opera House, Taronga zoo, Australian national maritime Museum, Bondi beach and Royal Botanic Gardens among lots of attractions.

The Great Ocean Road

Located in Victoria, it’s without doubt one of the best attractive drives in the world. The drive gives you wonderful views of the Indian Ocean as you enjoy the cool winds that fade through the cool climate rain forests. Many beaches located along the drive gives an amazing swimming experience.

The Great Barrier Reef

Located in the Coral Sea off the coast of Australia’s state of Queensland, the Great Barrier Reef is for sure the world’s largest reef system. It is a home to thousands of coral reefs and hundreds of cays and islands that makes it the most assorted ecosystem in the world and among the top notch places to visit in Australia.

10 Best Enjoyable Places In Australia

Byron Bay

Located in the New South Wales, Byron Bay has established herself as one of the most visited destinations in Australia attracting both locals and foreigners. The bay hosts range of music festivals all through the year that attract both international and local artists. Apart from musical events, the bay provides you with wonderful beaches that may engage you in surfing, scuba diving and other enjoyable activities.

Alice Springs

Located in the heart of Australia, Alice Springs is comprised of wonderful desert landscapes, hollow gorges and above all a revolutionary history. The area has established herself as a travel hub for amazing sights and hikes in Australia. Landmarks like Uluru rock, Kata Tjuta and kings Canyon will provide you with an unforgettable hiking and enjoyable experience.


Due to its tropical climate and close juxtaposition to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns has established herself as one of the most adorable and popular destination for vacations. It’s a stylish city featuring lots of wildlife and giving you golden opportunities and avenues for travel adventures than any other location.


It being the capital of the state of Victoria and the second most populated city in Australia, Melbourne has over the years established herself as a top notch tourist destination. It’s considered as Australia cultural capital and an important port too. The city is well known for its world class shopping experience, fine restaurants and unmatched sporting venues. It’s an ideal destination for visitors or travellers who want to appreciate the good life by enjoy it to the fullest.


It’s Australia’s fourth largest city by area and the capital of Western Australia. The city has over the years come out with its own unique character that is unmatched despite being isolated from the other major cities. The city gives you an opportunity to be in touch with one of the largest city parks in the World; the Kings park. There is actually more to do here than in any other city ranging from having a close encounter with kangaroos to swimming with dolphins among many other captivating activities.


It’s the capital of the state of Queensland and alike the other destinations, it has a lot on board for you. The city’s year round climate and amazing sceneries is what draws many travellers here hence making it as the fastest growing city in Australia. It’s beautiful and friendly gardens like the garden metropolis give you an enjoyable time away from home.


Located on a plain between Adelaide Hills and the Gulf St Vincent, Adelaide has established itself as the fifth largest city in Australian and the capital of South Australia. It’s a city of history that ranges from the colonial churches and culture. The city is a home to the famous Adelaide oval; Australia’s most wonderful cricket ground. The city’s culture is also amazing and unmatched.

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