Top 5 Amazing Places To Visit In US

Top 5 Amazing Places To Visit In US

A trip to USA is not just an ordinary trip; it is one of the unforgettable life experiences. In the United States, you find the best architectures, amazing landscapes and some of the world’s top tourist attraction sites. If you have been dreaming about visiting some of the top amazing destinations in America, then this content will help you make the absolute choice. Highlighted below are the top 5 amazing places to visit in USA.

5. Golden Gate Bridge

One of the most amazing places of all time to visit in the US is the golden gate bridge. It is located between Marin County and San Francisco, this bridge holds a good record of attractions since 1937. Some of the most amazing features of this bridge include;

· The structure of the bridge, it appears to be unique hence attract many tourists

· -The famous red-orange colour of the bridge that makes it very visible even on the verge of fog and mist

4. Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is a channel of water. If you love water fun activities then this is the place to be. What makes this place even better is the presence of a tropical island. Other reasons why Florida Keys is considered famous and amazing are;

· This place has been used in films, it has appear in many films including Fast and furious 2 and true lies

· When in this island, you can do the following; swimming, surfing, boat tours, deep sea diving among others

Top 5 Amazing Places To Visit In US

 3. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is not only considered an amazing place but also among the top natural wonders in America. You find Niagara Falls lying between New York and the Ontario, Niagara Falls is formed by three different falls and this is one reason why it is spectacular. Amazing features of this place include;

· The high speed fall of the water down the steep, it creates a very thrilling sound

· Its uniqueness calls for photographs for unforgettable memories

· It is one of the natural wonders in North America, for this reason, many visitors and even you would like to witness its wonders

2. The Yellowstone

Another top amazing place to visit in the US is the Yellowstone Park. This was the first national park in the USA. There are many geothermal features around this area, they include;

· Hot molten rocks

· Hot springs


Here you also get a chance to see some of the scarce wildlife like the black bears, deer, grizzly bears, etc.

 1. Grand Canyon

On top of the list is the Grand Canyon. Located in north Arizona, Grand Canyon is one of the most toured destinations in America. This is the place where fun activities never cease, some of the fun activities you can indulge in include;

· Rock climbing, there are very many big rocks around this place to explore

· Camping

· Nature walks


It is very easy to get in one or maybe all of these places once you are in the United State of America. All you have to do is apply for ESTA and get a pass to these amazing destinations.