Yoga: Pros and Cons

Yoga: Pros and Cons

India is a land of mystery and magic. It is a land of snake charmers and yogis. India is the birth place of Yoga- a 5000 year old discipline of strict control over the mind and the physical body. Yoga does not only comprise of exercises and stretching but is in fact a tool to release the untapped and hidden potentials of one’s mind and soul. Practicing yoga demands self-control and should be incorporated in one’s daily life for a healthier living.

Yoga: Pros and Cons

Advantages of Yoga:

Combating Stress: Let’s face it- today’s fast paced world is full of targets, deadlines and an ever increasing pressure at work which leads to stress both at the workplace and in one’s personal life. Practicing yoga helps fight the built up stress by calming the mind and soothing it with meditation and right body postures. A few minutes of yoga will do wonders in paving the way for a de-stressed life.

Maintaining Body Weight: You open the cupboard and fish out your favourite pair of jeans- only to find out you can no longer fit into them! Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Today the youth is obsessed with fast food and ready to eat pre packed meals which loses much of its health benefits. In order to combat obesity and weight gain, yoga is of great help.

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Energised Body: We all fight a tough battle everyday- be it catching the metro and bus or maybe sitting up late at night finishing a report for the boss! Our life is cramped with activities leaving little time for rest and leisure. Yoga helps revive the body muscles and keeps one alive and active even at the end of a long day. Yoga helps revitalise the body and helps combating a heavy workaholic lifestyle.

Peaceful Mind: Every individual is busy as a bee and has to multitask. One is always juggling various jobs and its becoming difficult to take a much needed break. When was the last time you went on a vacation to a peaceful island or atop a mountain amidst natures’ bounty? Yoga helps achieve mental peace and calm and can prove to be an easy get- away from the day to day rut and monotony.

Stronger bonding: Only if you’re happy with yourself can you keep others around you happy and content. Yoga helps clear your mind and makes you more aware of your emotions which help in striking a healthy and happy relationship with the people in your lives. Yoga also helps keep negative emotions such as anger and hate in check by producing calming and positive vibes which generate more positive emotions.

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Disadvantages of Yoga

It is rightly said that an excess of everything is bad and this includes Yoga as well.

Health Risks: Under unsupervised circumstances, excessive yoga or yoga which is too intense can pose health risks such as disk slip, Sciatica etc and hence it is very important to have a certified yoga trainer who knows the art of yoga well.

High Heat: Certain yoga practices require high temperatures which might not suit everybody and can cause a stroke and excessive dehydration.

Challenging: For people looking to burn calories- yoga is not for you! Yoga can prove to be physically and mentally straining and not all people can meet up the challenges posed by Yoga.

Yet all said and done yoga should be incorporated in one’s daily routine if possible as it’s a great way to keep healthy and maintain a happy and carefree lifestyle.

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