Why Roofing Felt Is Beneficial

Roofing felt has many benefits, though misinformation about this material can also be found on the internet. Here, our roofing contractors in Vancouver will discuss exactly why you should have roofing felt used on your new roof.

It protects your roof and home from weather conditions that may harm it

Rain, snow, hail, and wind, among other weather conditions can pose a threat to your property, and damage done to your roof in particular can have far-reaching consequence. Roofing felt is able to help prevent damage from extending further than it has to.

This felt will be placed between the base of the house’s roof and the top shingles. It can be made of fiberglass, polyester, or a similar material, which is covered in a type of agent used to waterproof it. With this material, any unwanted substance will be less likely to get onto the base of your roof and into your home.

If strong rain or snow slips between your shingles or if wind even blows a shingle off of your roof, the felt will be able to stop anything from getting through.

It is beneficial for the roofers, while they are completing your roof

Your Vancouver roof repair will benefit from their addition of felt, too, because of the added protection. Should there be rain or other adverse weather conditions while they are completing their work, the felt will help to maintain the integrity of your roof even when the shingles have not all been installed.

It can make your roof look more polished

If there are any areas of unevenness on the base of your roof, the felt can be used to disguise this, thereby making your roof look more appealing on the exterior.

Warranty and building codes may depend on it

Sometimes roofing felt is not even an option–to have it installed could be necessary for a few reasons. One of these reasons is that the warranty created by the manufacturers of your shingles may require that you have felt installed on your roofing. Without this material, the warranty would become void.

As well, the building code for your area may require the use of roofing felt, so do look into this if you are unsure.

It can help to extend the lifespan of your roof

Apart from the ability for it to help with protecting against the natural elements, it can also act as a shield from fire. In general, the benefits of roofing felt far exceed its cost. Contact us at Kanga Roofing to learn more.

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