Why are Model Papers Important For UP Board Class 12 Exams?

Students have long been coveting the sample papers/model papers as the most effective resource to prepare for the board exams. The State Board normally conducts the UP Board Class 12 exam in February-March months. To ace the exam with high scores, students have to be very diligent and hardworking. If they have a thorough knowledge of the topics and concepts taught under each subject, then they will be able to pass with flying colours. 


One of the best resources for the students to get an idea about the previous exams is the model papers. Knowing the exam pattern and the question types ahead of time will make the students more confident to face the board exams. The more they practice, the better they would get at answering even the most difficult questions. Seeing as how solving the UP Board Class 12 model papers can be beneficial, we have listed out certain advantages for the students. 


Advantages of Solving Class 12 Model Papers 


Class 12 is a very significant pillar for any student who is undergoing the Indian Education System and the board exam is the tool used to assess their foundational knowledge, as well as their progress in class. Hence, from students to parents everyone knows the advantages of practicing hard with the help of Class 12 model papers. It will help them to grasp the concepts of the subjects more thoroughly. Given below are some reasons why students should solve these sample papers. 


  • Brush up the Knowledge and Revise The Subject: One of the best uses of the bunch of sample papers is to help students to revise the entire subject and brush up their knowledge before the exams. Students who have mastered the subject will be able to ace the exams better. While reading up or studying from textbooks might help them to get theoretical knowledge, it is only with practice that students can answer the exams properly. Solving the sample papers regularly will provide the required practice. 


  • Face the Exams more Confidently: It is seen that most Class 12 students feel pressured to do well in the exams and result in them having exam fear. They are not able to write the exams confidently, despite their best efforts. Solving the sample papers will help the students to get more score in the exams. They also get acquainted with the exam pattern and question types, so that they can face the exams confidently and without fear. 


  • Manage Time Efficiently: Even if a student is well prepared to write the exam within the stipulated time, it can be challenging to do so. Each section of the exam has to be properly timed and exact answers have to be written correctly in the time allotted, to score the best marks. A student who has practiced by solving the previous year and sample papers will find it easier to manage the time most effectively while writing the board exams. Students will find the exams smooth sailing if they can manage their time well. 


  • Rectify Mistakes Beforehand: Even if a student is confident about a subject, it is seen that they may end up making some mistakes. However, the students who have practiced with the help of sample papers diligently will be able to identify the mistakes and rectify them before answering the exams. Once the mistake is identified and corrected, students are least likely to repeat it. Hence, it is seen that better than the memorizing technique, it is more effective to practice solving more model papers. 


Hence, we can conclude that apart from giving a complete overview of the exam pattern, marking scheme and types of questions asked, the model papers also offer a wide range of questions for the students to solve and practice for the board exams. Students are also advised to answer the sample papers with a full effort so that they can get the best out of it and help score high marks in board exams. Other resources to help students prepare for the exams are the Class 12 Previous Year Papers and textbooks of UP Board. 

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