What Would Be Design Innovation For Samsung Galaxy S9?

For Samsung in 2015 redesign of the flagship became successful, and now they are all built on a metal frame, have the rear surface of Corning Gorilla Glass 4. Glass in 2017 nothings has changed considering the case of Samsung Galaxy S8, but yes it hints towards the next change in the display for Samsung Galaxy S9 features, For Galaxy S8 except that the glass on the front and back panel becomes 2.5D ( this fashion, and only now do all of those pieces of glass with rounded). In the Samsung, to position themselves differently from competitors, called 3D glass, for that they have grounds for such bends Gorilla Glass 4 no one is using in their products.

As you can see, these seemingly smart phones are the same flagships of 2015, the difference will be difficult to see. Moreover, the same series of A-2017 were as similar to these devices; the colors will differ only due to stress them try to older models. But it is difficult to distinguish between life color saturation, body, notice how it is man who uses the machine. A good design that is propagated in ten models quickly become boring. And, perhaps, this is the moment to stop many people feel that it would be difficult to stand out by using such a device. As I see the situation, the Samsung went on a two-year design cycle, like Apple, but decided to play in opposition, that is to change the shape of the tubes are not in the same year, and Apple. This year, the iPhone 7 will receive a different appearance, but the Galaxy S9 will resemble its predecessor.
From the point of view of color solutions unit black (Black Onyx) looks interesting, golden color and a little tired in the previous model. And most of the people ordering the phone in black or silver, it is also good.
Overall, while available here it is color, but not in all markets they appear at the same time.
Now a few words about dreams about the collapsible housing, its in this model is not and never will be, the construction itself is not intended to replace the battery yourself. But it can be done in any service center. The second point – it is protection from water. Just as in the Galaxy S6, it returns to Samsung devices, and all flagships. Protection standard – IP68, phones can drown, and nothing from them will not, there impregnation of components on the board with a special solution, water repellent (like its use in Motorola phones), but also the design does not allow water to get inside, to the speaker and microphone special membrane.
And this is protected microUSB-socket to prevent water from getting inside, and if it does happen from the impact, then there is a special controller to prevent short-circuiting.
If Apple can bring design innovations in iPhone then Samsung can definitely bring this up to. So, let’s wait for Samsung Galaxy S9 design innovation.

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