What Is Splankna Therapy? What Are Its Benefits

What Is Splankna Therapy? What Are Its Benefits

Splankna therapy is a relatively new mind-body healing technique that has Christian values and principles at its base. The word ‘splankna’ originates from the Greek word for guts or intestines and is used to indicate that deep in the bowels is the seat of compassion.

This system works on the same lines as Reiki, acupuncture and chiropractics. It is based on ‘energy psychology’ where the essential idea is that through the practice of Splankna Therapy the psychological blockages and symptoms of an individual can be resolved by manipulating the energy flow within their bodies. Recently put together as a holistic therapy by Sarah Thiessen, it uses a number of different protocols from the field of psychology like neuro-emotional techniques (NET), eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing (EMDR), thought field therapy (TFT) etc.

What Is Splankna Therapy? What Are Its Benefits

Splankna practitioners equate the energy or life force that courses through the body of every living being to The Holy Spirit, part of the holy trinity of Christianity. The belief states that the ‘universal life force’ that New Age society seems to be giving credence to, is actually an embodiment of God’s grace in form of the gift of life. It is a merging of New Age principles with Biblical connotations and is a confused marriage at best.

The focus of Splankna therapy is on emotionally rooted problems. Be it nagging arthritis or some sort of phobia, be it recurring migraines or chronic depression, Splankna specialists claim to be able to solve any disorder that have its roots in emotions. The entire therapeutic system here is based on the idea that carrying around an emotional burden or a repressed memory causes a blockage in the free flow of energy through the meridian lines in the body and at various points result in pain, either physical or psychological or both.

Practitioners and clients alike are abuzz with the benefits of Splankna therapy, some of which are as follows:

– Spirituality: Since this is the only mind-body protocol that involves the Christian faith in the healing process, there is a spiritual interest that is being fostered in this regard. A typical session of Splankna therapy is said to begin with prayers to God to help make the session a success. God is invoked every step of the way to ensure that faith and healing are entwined in the process.

– Subconscious Materials: Splankna practitioners believe that from birth till the time of therapy each and every experience of an individual is catalogued in their subconscious. Reaching through various methods to this subconscious storehouse of blocked or repressed emotions is in a way akin to other psychological therapeutic methods.

– Trauma and Anxiety: Clients with problems such as trauma or depression and anxiety issues such as phobias, generalised anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behaviours etc. are generally the ones who have benefitted the most from Splankna therapy.

– Familiarity: Another main benefit of Splankna therapy is the use of various pre-existing methods from psychology and new age healing techniques that clients may already be familiar with.

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