What Holds Back Students from Writing Their Own Assignment

Whether you are a brilliant performer in your class or an average student, writing of assignment is normally not very exciting thing to do for either of them. Most of the students remain under tension about submitting their assignment during their final year of study. This creates mental stress and as a result many students often cannot perform well in their final examination too. What are their concerns? We have talked to many students and come up with following few reasons due to which students are generally scared to write their assignment.

  1. Not sure about their writing skills

A majority of students are not fully aware about writing the assignment in proper format. They know very well how to answer their questions during examination as they have been doing that for all these years. However, when they are asked to write their final year assignment then they start doubting about their skills of writing. That is the reason they look for some professional help from some outside source. When they visit the websites like quickwriter.com/assignments/biology-homework-help.html and many others they get a sigh of great relief.
2. Need to read lots of things other than text books and absorb them
This is one of the greatest difficulties with majority of the student. Most of the students feel comfortable to study their text book as it is also supported by their teacher. However, while reading from any other source, they have to use great deal of effort to understand and absorb them. Therefore, it puts them off and also there is a pressure of submitting the assignment and as a result they somehow manage to write their assignment, which is of very poor quality.
3. Leaving everything for last minutes
Often the student makes effort to collect various materials from various sources, however they do not find enough time to go through them again. Therefore, when time comes for submitting their assignment they will try to do everything in the last moment and then it becomes really very difficult for things to do.
4.  Constantly judging their work
After great deal of effort when students can somehow manage to complete their assignment, they start judging their work and feel that what they have written is not up to the mark. Though when they write they feel what they are writing is fine, however at the end they feel that all the work they have done is not good and may not be liked by their professor.
5. Start comparing with others
There is always a competitive spirit among students and everyone tries to surpass others in every respect. Under such scenario when any one looks at the assignment of other students of the class then a feeling comes in their mind that everyone else has written much better than me.
These are few of the problems that are very common among students. That is the reason there are many online writing service providers, who have started doing brisk business and also it is proving to be helpful for many students.

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