What Does an Effective Wardrobe Spring Clean Entail?

Spring is upon us which means one thing and one thing only. It is time for the annual purge of your wardrobe, aka a spring clean! The dreaded clean of the year is one that most of us dread, heck most of us avoid entirely. Clearing out a closet of forgotten clothing items might have been on your list of jobs to do for some time, but now it is time to take things seriously. Consider all of the room you will have for new clothes, and the satisfying organisation of your wardrobe that might bring you a smile each morning. It is time to get up, grab some bin bags, and spring clean your closet.

Have organisers and hangers at the ready 

When was the last time you bought hangers or closet organisers? If your closet has turned into a jungle of forgotten clothes, chances are you will highly benefit from new hangers and draw organisers. They are especially helpful for smaller closet spaces where things get easily lost. Think about all of the money you spend on coffee and food weekly. Investing in some hangers and draw organisers will bring long-term balance into your life, so they are certainly worth the small price!

Start section by section 

You can’t climb a mountain without planning your route first, and the same goes for a mountain of clothes. Instead of pulling out all of your clothes at once, go by section. For example, start with all of your hung-up items that likely take up the most room. Decide which dresses, abayas, coats, and whatever else you have hung up no longer serve their purpose. Once sections are completed, move into the next and slowly you will see the organisation start to manifest.

If it wasn’t worn this year, say goodbye 

The volume of clothes you will be holding onto ‘just in case’ the right occasion arrives will be monstrous. That dress you bought in the sale two years ago that still has not served its purpose? It needs to go. Holding onto these clothes that have never been worn, or have not been worn within the last 12 months is just a poor reason to take up space in your closet. Get rid! Assuming that they are in great condition as they have not been worn, they will be much better off in a new home.

Have donation, sell and bin boxes

Three boxes are all you need for organising your wardrobe. First, you need a donation box. Make sure that all the clothes you donate are clean, and also at a good enough standard to be worn again. Next, if you want to make an extra penny out of the clothes you don’t want, make a pile of clothes to sell. These will be premium pieces that were bought for a higher price, so you can make a small portion of this money back through online selling platforms. Use apps like Depop and Vinted to sell your clothes, and negotiate with buyers to get them sold fast! Finally, you will likely need a bin bag if you have clothes with faults that are not repairable.  

Plan your new organisation

Now you have cleared out all of the clutter, it is time for the best part. Planning your new wardrobe organisation! Using your swanky new hangers and draw organisers, section each part of your closet with dedicated items in each. Getting ready will be that much easier in the morning now you know where everything is! From boxes filled with socks, to your supply of vegan skin care products, having closet space will make room for more than just your outfits. Enjoy your newly spring-cleaned wardrobe, and of course, have your summer clothes ready for the upcoming month of sunshine and fun!

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