What Are Top-Best Features Of Visitor Management Software Of ETIS Software Company, Bangalore?

Visitor management systems in India is the systems that are used by people nowadays to make the check-in and check-out of the visitors very much effective. These visitor management systems are made by the software company of India which is located in Bangalore. All the visitor management software is made by the well-trained and professional people. This software is made by keeping in mind that everything whether it is data of people or anything it should be in a safe and secure manner. Visitor management systems are made by people to make the working of the reception more easy, proper and appropriate.

What are the most common features of these data saving software?

All the visitor management software has so many different types of features. Some of the common features of these management systems are mentioned below:

  1. First and most important thing all these visitor management systems are very much useful for creating and marking the check-in and check-out of those people who are entering the offices or the companies for any specific reason or purpose.
  2. These visitors check-in systems; records all the data and information of the people entering the site. Along with the information of the visitors these management systems capture the photographs of the people also so that it will be easy for the company people to recognize them in case of any emergency issues.
  3. The most important feature of this visitor management system is to keep the important documents of the people also such as PAN card, Addhar card, NDA’s and many other legal documents also. Along with this, these management systems capture the signature of the visitors also in order to make the identification more easy and proper.
  4. All the visitor management systems have the feature of printing ID batches through these ID batches it will be more easy to identify the visitor in case of any type of issues.
  5. All the visitor management systems track each and every movement of the visitor at the company or office premises. These are some of the common features of the VMS system. 

What are the disadvantages of having a VMS (Visitor Management system)?

  1. All of this software system requires some amount of energy to work. For the working of visitor management software energy is needed which is very much costly.
  2. Visitor management software requires a specific electronic device to work. So, here also money is required. In overall, having a visitor management system for any kind of purpose costs a lot to the people.
  3. In case, if there is no electricity in the office then also these visitor management systems will not work.

But spending one-time money on this will help you out to make the reception of your office more advanced and proper. So, everyone should use this software at the front office of his or her companies’ r offices to make everything easy and appropriate.


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