What Are The Steps Involved In Protective Glass Coating Delhi?

Well, every individual who has a car wants it to be perfect in all the possible ways. The perfect shine which is seen on the vehicle’s paint will be a plus point which is added to the beauty of your car and it also attracts the sight of many people who look at your beautifully painted car.

Glass coating is basically a liquid glass which is made up of Silica and Siloxane. It is a liquid that is pure and clear which hardens itself when it gets in contact with air. The protective glass coating Delhi, provides durable, shine and gloss to the paint of your car. Glass coating is recommended when your car is brand new.

The 5 main basic steps that are involved in the glass coating of your car:

  • Washing the car: in this step, the car will be washed thoroughly with shampoo and all the dirt will be removed. Careful attention needs to be paid to the washing of the car to make sure that no part is left unwashed. 
  • Getting the car dried: no water droplets should be left back on the car. It should be dried properly. This is an important step while getting your car prepared for glass coating. Make sure the car is dried well with a micro-fiber cloth. 
  • The Clay Bar method application: this is used in order to remove all the contamination which might be present on your car body. Make sure a good clay bar is used and if this step is skipped then you will notice particles that are encompassed in the glass coating which will look like acne on the surface of your car. 
  • Removal of paint swirls with the compound: if your car is brand new, then you can avoid this step. This is for those cars that have accumulated paint swirls on the body of the car, due to inappropriate cleaning. So it is recommended that the paint swirls must be removed in order to get the best out of the glass coating.
  • The application of the glass coating: this is actually considered to be the most critical step in the entire procedure. This step must be carried out in small areas step by step. The final result must yield a perfect, smooth and a shiny surface.

Here are a few benefits mentioned in the car glass coating product in Delhi, which will include some of the following:

  • Protection: it basically will form a shield on any surface that it is being applied to. So, the surface becomes resistant to stone and debris. It also helps in the prevention of the formation of hard water spots.
  • Safety: the right type of glass coating will help in deflecting of the harmful UV rays by almost 85% and this will keep you away from skin diseases.

Apart from that protective glass coating also provides longevity and it lasts somewhere between 6 months to 2 years, well how long it will last usually depends on the conditions in which the car is being kept in.


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