Use Custom Shower Kits For A Fitting Design

Custom Shower Kits

Do you have the bathroom of your dreams? If not, you’re probably thinking of giving your bathroom a face-lift or an entire renovation. In either case, the convenience of using custom shower kits to do or redo your bath shouldn’t be ignored. Studies show that bathroom remodels are one of the two most expensive remodeling projects in the home. When you install the wrong or poorly fitted equipment, you can keep paying for it for years to come.

Tub to Shower Conversion Kit

Some people don’t take baths. They are not dirty, mind you — they simply prefer taking showers over sitting in a tub full of water. That’s not the only reason you’d want a tub to shower conversion kit, but it’s a good reason nonetheless. Unused bathtubs take up unneeded space, and if the bath is older, it’s more subject to leaking and other problems. In this case, it makes sense that part of your renovation strategy would be to look into ways to convert your tub to a shower.

Tight Fits Prevent Leaks

Closely fitted shower pans prevent unseen leaks from springing up. Leaking water can cause a great deal of damage to your home before you even know they are there. This is one reason why it’s so important to concentrate on the tub and shower area, as well as the sink and toilet areas, when you are doing a bathroom remodel. Anywhere there is water, you want extra care. It may seem that that would be standard, and it often is…but small leaks from shower kits that were not custom-fit can go unnoticed, even by professionals.

Tile Shower Pan Kit

What type of shower you have matters, when it comes to custom shower kits. For instance, if you have, or are planning to have, a tiled shower, then you want a tile shower pan kit. This kit takes the specific needs of tile into consideration and accommodates them, so that even a completely tiled shower is leak-free. You can still have the beautiful look of decorative tile, and be sure that your home structure is safe from damage.

Have Fun, Too

A room in progress can be a headache, especially if it’s a bathroom… but have fun anyway. You know all about the importance of using custom shower kits or a tub to shower conversion kit, but now it’s time to think of other, more fun things, like design and decor.
It’s important not to get so lost in the variety of plumbing and fixtures and bath shower kits that you lose sight of your goal — which is a functional, updated bathroom that also looks good, is planned according to your desires, and that will be something you can be proud of. Take a day off from thinking about your shower pan kit, water velocity and anything else, and just plan out the decor. If you have an idea in mind of what you want, do some window shopping, or even purchasing. New towels, throw rugs and whatever else you will need should be all you think about — at least for a day.

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