Unique Winter Experience In Limassol: A 24-Hour Itinerary Guide

If you’re planning a winter trip to Limassol you will likely be surprised at the wide range of different activities you can enjoy in the area.  Winter is truly a joy in this area where people often enjoy bathing in the morning, skiing in the afternoon and then a romantic dinner in the evening.  This is a truly picturesque location, and the inspiration for many scenes in magazines and movies.
Morning Beach at Kourion
There are many because in Limassol including Ladies’ Mile, Governor’s beach and Pissouri Beach, but the most popular option is Kourion beach.  This is because of its close proximity to local hotels, villas and even the ruins of the ancient Roman Kourion Amphitheater.   This allows tourists and locals alike the opportunity to visit the archeological ruins, spend time on the water sailing or wind surfing, playing beach volleyball or just relaxing on the beach improving their tan.

Don’t use up all your energy on the beach though; you can spend your afternoon in the Troodos Mountain for an exciting ski adventure!
Winter Skiing in the Troodos Mountains
After a morning at the beach you can travel up to the Troodos Mountains which are a short drive away.  Most people use a Limassol car hire so they can drive up to the mountains in about 90 minutes and start their skiing.  The ski-center offers all the required equipment needed to enjoy the afternoon on the slopes.  They even offer instructors for beginners so don’t worry if you don’t have much experience skiing.
If possible, make sure to plan your skiing trip during a weekday because the mountains are filled with locals during the weekends.  Cyprus has a fairly short winter season so the locals of the area will want to take in as much skiing as possible which means the mountains will fill up on the weekends quite quickly.  If you do happen to be caught in a crowd just remember that everyone is there to have fun so be patient and enjoy your time there.
Romantic Evening in the Troodos Mountains
When you’re done skiing you can complete your exciting day with a romantic evening in the Troodos Mountain.  A candlelight dinner is made all the more perfect as you look out at the beautiful night sky.  You can even enjoy a meal together at a camp site lower down the mountain where the weather isn’t so cold if you enjoy the great outdoors.  Whether you choose to eat something you’re used to, or you want to try one of the many traditional Cyprus dishes, you’ll love your romantic meal together.
You’ll enjoy reliving the memories of your exciting day in Limassol for years to come so make sure to take some pictures, and take in everything this amazing area has to offer.
Sarah is enjoying her trip around the world with her husband, Marcus.  They had an opportunity to stop at Limassol while on a cruise.  They had a great time and are extremely thankful for the Cyprus car rental that allowed them to experience so much of what the area had to offer in just one day.

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