What Types Of Accidents Are Considered Personal Injury?

What Types Of Accidents Are Considered Personal Injury?

There are a lot of different types of accidents that are considered personal injury accidents. A quick look at a website for a personal injury attorney in Seattle will help your understand just how broad of a category of law personal injury really is. We are going to do our best to explain what personal injury law is and what types of scenarios may fall under the category.

Personal injury law is any type of accident where you were personally injured. Many people take the term ‘personal injury’ too literal. Personal injury law doesn’t necessarily mean injuries that you did to yourself. Think of it as any time your personal property or body were injured. If there was damage incurred, you may have a personal injury claim to visit with an attorney about.

Quick List of Types of Cases

Here are a few different case types that you may see as a personal injury attorney:

Dangerous or Defective Products

  1. Car Accidents
  2. Animal Bites
  3. Construction site accidents
  4. Slip and Fall Accidents
  5. Drunk Driver accidents
  6. Pedestrian Accidents
  7. Wrongful Death

This is just a quick example of the different types of accidents a lawyer who specializes in personal injury may take care of.

What Types Of Accidents Are Considered Personal Injury?

How to Know When to Call

There really is no one way to know if you have a personal injury claim to visit with an attorney about. Every situation is so different and has to be taken on a case by case basis. Most attorney’s will schedule a free consultation with you if you believe you may need to hire them for their services. During this consultation you will sit down with them and explain your case.

You will go over the accident and how it occurred. They will want as much information as possible and how you handled the situation. You will also go over any injuries that you may have sustained during the accident. If you are too injured to represent yourself, you can have someone help you with the process and make sure that you are represented well. After the meeting, the attorney will go over all of the details and determine if they are going to be a good fit for your case. Most attorney’s will not take a case that they do not feel that they can be successful for. If they feel you are a good fit, they will contact you and schedule more meetings. Be sure that you ask lots of questions and feel comfortable moving forward.

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