Tumblr: The Emerging Social Media Fashion Empire

Tumblr is now one of the fastest emerging social media websites. It is surprising how Tumblr has become so popular even though it has only arrived at the social media scene just recently. In a short span of time after its launch, the website has grown to over 40 million users. Its impact on the social media is unimaginable. However, the most surprising and probably the most unexpected outcome of the website is how it has become the network of which fashion moguls flock to.
The social networking platform is basically a multimedia sharing website where people share and post on their blog images, videos or music that spark their interest. This, however, is already present in many blogging websites. But what sets Tumblr apart from its predecessors, is that it mixed the phenomena of social networking with blogging. The social media hybrid has appealed to millions of users. It enables them to connect yet establish their own blog. This strategy has become widely popular to early teens to people in their mid-twenties. Users come from different counties stretching from west to east.
The Perfect Formula
The attention from fashion empires such as Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade and Ann Taylor of which have Tumblr accounts, may be accounted to the overall aesthetic of the website. With the demographics of the site perfect for the target market of most fashion companies, the posts which incline to a vintage, posh, swagger, and hippie appeal, gain much popularity with the website’s users. Therefore, images that artistic and fashionable are widely shared on the website.
To put it in a simple manner, the website acts like a big magazine with millions of prospect customers looking at it. That’s why fashion tycoons have flocked to the website to establish their own social media blogs. The only thing they have to do is to post relevant content that is in line with the aesthetic of the website’s users. It is the easiest way to gain customers, promote the brand, and sell products.
What’s next for Tumblr?
There’s no question that the website is growing larger and larger. Every day, it receives 25,000 new user sign ups. There really is no telling what to expect from this social networking and blog website hybrid. The only thing one should expect from the social media website is that it would have more and more brands from high editorial to simple retail companies. In addition to its evolution of being an avenue for fashion businesses, the website will be starting worldwide trends in no time. Expect that people will be tuning in to Tumblr for the newest fashion statements and trends. Without a doubt, social media don’t only play as communication tools, but obviously have a hand on different aspects of human society.
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