Traveling With The Family Gang Can Be Stress Free – Here’s How

If you’re like most middle of the road Americans, the kinds of guys who subscribe to the store bought way of leading a life, where you have to have a career and then you get a family and then on the weekends you do family things and you think simple and boring things are really exciting and you seem to convince yourself that this is the way God intended for you to make it through your one and only life, then you are probably setting yourself up for the next family vacation. You’re working tireless and countless hours to save up small lumps of cash that you can then use during this one allotted week and most of the time is going to be spent bickering with your family whom you only sort of love, and then you’ll find yourself longing to be back at work even though you pretty much hate work too. If this seems like you and your life, first off, I’m so sorry, and second off, here are some tips to make that family vacation actually fun and memorable!

Make the Travel Itself Fun

If you have some cool destination that you’ve all been looking forward to getting to, but it involved a ten hour drive each way or something like that, why not focus on making both the trip there and the trip back as fun as it can be. You should get some games for the kids, and let them have whatever snacks they want so that they can’t complain about stupid things like that. You could also look into renting a fancy car that you’d never be able to actually afford in your real life so that you and the lady can feel like a King and Queen for the week. Look at the cars in the fancy section of – you’ll see that they are reasonably priced and well worth the fun and adventure. If you don’t believe me, just scroll around on and you’ll be convinced!

Use Booze

Traveling With The Family Gang Can Be Stress Free - Here’s How

The thing about booze is that a little can go a long way in a family vacation scenario. If you try to do the whole thing booze free, you’re going to ruin it for yourself and therefore for your family. Make sure that you bring a bottle of brown and you can get yourself really feeling the warm fuzzy family time. If the wife wants to drink too, all the better. If your kids want to drink, what the heck, it’s vacation time, why not let them!

Write an Adventure Story About Your Trip

Another fun idea is to use your imagination to its fullest and have the whole family work together on writing a fun adventure story about your trip. Sure you may just be going into the mountains to camp, or somewhere who knows, but the folks back home don’t have to know that.  Use the travel time there and some down time to come up with a hilarious and believably story about what actually happened on your trip, to just add some fun and spice to the return to your normal life.

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