Topographic Survey- Study Of The Earth’s Surface

The topographic survey is the technique to evaluate the surfaces contour and elevation. It is the most convenient way of studying the surface of the earth and its various features. This technique is not only used in Geography but also in many fields of engineering. At many times topographical survey majorly deals with the astronomical objects such as other planets, the moon, and asteroids. In some cases, this particular term is also used in the medical field especially in neurology.

Topographic Survey- Study Of The Earth’s Surface

Thesurvey data in the UK is collected using a map where all the features of the land are shown.

Objective of Topographic Survey

Generally, topographic survey is used to evaluate both manmade and natural feature of a certain specified area of land. Local homeowners, builders, and business owners are in need of the survey of land due to expanding, constructing or renovating a property. It is a fact that topographic survey is the first step towards any construction jobs around the world.

Use of AutoCAD in Topographic Survey

An AutoCAD-based platform helps to quickly make the software into a topographic survey tool. The survey benefits the users with high efficiency and user-friendly topographical survey with the help of this drafting tool. The comprehensive tool is set for topographic survey calculation and drafting. AutoCAD skills help the drafting process to easy. AutoCAD 2D and 3D also helps in a low-cost survey preparation in the UK.

Features of Surveying with AutoCAD

It is said that the designing and shaping of the world around us can be done in a hassle-free way with this software. With the help of intelligent minds and this helping tool, one has the advantage of application of regional data standards are constructed. The topographic survey drawings are prepared in AutoCAD 2D and 3D whichever the clients prefers and then is printed on paper or film accordingly. Features of such a survey are:

•To reduce survey data and import Coordinate geometry Points

•Creating surface with break lines, with an update directly from the COGO points.

•Offset break line segmentation

•Simultaneous creation (2D and 3D) on user preferred layers which are ready for plotting

•Survey format which supports data transfer in PDF format

•Automates lot creation directly from the survey data

The integrating information one gets through such a survey is helpful for improving the quality, productivity and asset management for any government and non-government organisation.

The topographic survey benefits the entire community of geologic surveyors, oceanographic, civil and structural engineers, marine engineers, astrophysicists and many others. It is useful from local to international level. Itis the most convenient way to advance the work of these professionals. It provides most accurate data which helps in the understanding of a certain area. Government agencies also keep a record of these performed surveys.

The contours of a region many times help in preparing in advance and in avoiding or resisting natural disasters. The size, shape and elevation of any unknown object can be calculated if some relative data can be acquired regarding it.

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