Top Study Strategies To Crack IIT JEE

If you are keen on joining the IIT, which is one of the most prestigious education institutions in India, it is imperative that you begin preparing for the IIT JEE a bit earlier. However, without a road map to follow, you will be lost in the morass of the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE).

Many experts reckon that preparation for JEE should begin from class XI itself so that candidates can have a solid foundation and acquire the right technical and scientific knowledge. In addition, candidates should also pay attention to speed and accuracy as they are important to clear the cutoff.

JEE Mains

In order to crack the JEE for IIT, you would first have to pass the JEE Mains examination with a high score. Candidates, who pass the JEE Mains, are eligible to appear for the JEE Advanced.

It is important to note that in 2017, the Ministry of Human Resource Development has announced that the marks obtained in class XII will not be used to determine JEE ranking. It will be used just as a criterion to determine a candidate’s eligibility for the examination.

For JEE Mains, it is important for you to have a thorough understanding of concepts. This will make it easier for you to solve the questions. However, when it comes to JEE Advanced, besides knowing how to solve problems, you also need superior reasoning, comprehension, and analytical skills.

Preparing for JEE 

The three most important subjects for JEE are Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. It is essential for you to get your basics right. This means understanding well the topics taught in XI and XII standard. Create a study plan that is divided topic-wise and then further divided chapter-wise. This will help you keep the track of the syllabus and your preparation.

Remember, you will have to work hard to crack the IIT JEE. After all, you will be competing with thousands of other candidates for a limited number of seats. Some of the strategies that you can adopt are as follows:

Begin Preparation Early: Once you have made up your mind to join one of the IITs, start preparing for the examination right away. It is preferable to start studying and working hard for the exam from the XI standard. In addition, go back to your books to brush up on the basics so that you are in a position to solve easy and difficult questions without any issue.

Understand the Exam Pattern: JEE has a specific format that you should be aware of. Understand this format and also check previous years’ question papers to figure out the kind of questions that you can expect. This will help you stay focused towards the exam and getting it right when you finally answer it.

Time Management: The JEE is for three hours and you will have to answer multiple choice questions (MCQs) and non-MCQs during this time frame. The multiple choice questions come with negative marking. Hence, it is important for you to not only pay attention to accuracy but also to time and speed. This means practicing extensively to manage time and speed with ease.

Track Your Progress: There is no point of studying if you are unable to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Hence, attempt mock test papers regularly to evaluate your performance and progress. Not only will you be able to identify the areas of weakness, but you will also improve your accuracy and speed by answering these test papers.

Revise Thoroughly: If you are constantly acing mock test papers, don’t become complacent. Instead, use this opportunity to revise topics that you feel that you may have forgotten or don’t feel confident about. Also, between revisions, take breaks to de-stress and unwind. It will make you more productive.

Use these study tips to get prepared for IIT JEE and crack the examination. Your hard work and diligence will pay rich dividends in the end.

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