Top Smartphone Apps For Science Students

Apps for Science Students

This is the age of the internet. The years have seen a growth of websites and portals geared towards fostering the growth of knowledge, and a more extensive distribution of news online. This has encouraged curiosity and a thirst for knowledge among netizens. With the growth of the smartphone market, the domain of scientific knowledge has also received a boost. Here is a list of the best smartphone apps for science students (and amateurs who are interested in science).

Apps for Science Students

  • Science Glossary:

This is a comprehensive science dictionary app. But it is more than only a dictionary app. It also includes short biographies to support learning, definitions and science education modules. Science Glossary also provides you with online material from the parent website, Vision Learning.

  • Quakefeed:

This is an app that alerts you to the rumblings of the earth. It notifies you about any earthquake of a magnitude of 6 and above on the Richter Scale, all around the world. It gives you access to data about recent earthquakes from the U.S. Geological Survey.

  • SkEye:

For those users who are interested in astronomy and the stars, this is a brilliant app. It is practically a planetarium that provides you the map of the sky from any place you happen to be in. You can view the dome of the sky by tilting your phone. All the stars and the constellations are named and numbered, so you can even search and try to find them in the sky.

  • Atomium:

This is an advanced periodic table app. Now chemistry students will not need to refer to the periodic table constantly, but can instead have the information at their fingertips. IT also provides additional information about each element. The perfect app for the chemistry junkie!

  • Skeptical Science:

This app addresses questions by high school students. It is natural for every science student to be full of questions. This handy app lets students explore all topics regarding climate change and the environment, one of the most contentious topics of today. The app keeps students updated with all new arguments against climate change, and also the rebuttals supported by science.

There are many more apps to help in science learning. The smartphone market is one of the biggest boons from technology, which itself is a result of progress in science. So it is only natural that smartphone apps would cater to scientific education. So, go ahead. Explore!

Author Bio: Jacika Posener is a social media activist. She is a mobile learning enthusiast and a dictionary app specialist.

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