Top Five Suits From Films

Many famous movie characters stand out due to their personalities, their story arc, and to some extent, the way they look. In many ways the clothes that the hero and villain wear are part of the reason why they have become so iconic. These aren’t ready-to-wear or off-the-rack clothing; these are bespoke suits that have been tailored and measured specifically for their frames. They not only showcase the very best aspects of the people who wear them but also the skills and talents of those who made them. So what are the very best of all the personally tailored ones you’ll see on the silver screen? Just consider the following listed below:

Michael Corleone from The Godfather
Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino, is the main character of the Godfather movie trilogy and in each film he also wears some of the best ones you’ll see in cinema today. One of the most famous pieces he wore was the three-piece double breasted suit. It sported a unique pairing of grey shades for both its uniform color and its stripes. The waistcoat underneath was of a soft fabric that further allowed the top coat’s large but body-wrapping shoulder pads to empower his character.
The Beatles in A Hard Day’s Night
Anything from the Beatles is always a hit. Their bespoke suits worn in the film A Hard Day’s Night have become central pillars of modern formal clothing and have been resurfacing in popularity every few years. They were tailored by a London local named Douglas Millings. He even appeared as a tailor in the movie his clothes were used in. His designs were based on those made by a French artist named Pierre Cardin, albeit without the collars. This gave it a very slim and body-fit look that has now become a staple amongst musicians.
James Bond
When people talk of suits from films, the conversation will almost immediately switch over to James Bond. There is no other movie that perfectly blends action with style. James Bond’s most recent suit was designed by Jany Temime and Tom Ford. As is the norm for James Bond suits, his bespoke ones focus on wide open lapels. They tend to roll from the top down to the very bottom of the suit. Usually they are quite tight and require personal adjustment around the chest to make them look bigger than they are. Majority of James Bond’s ones are three-button single-breasted.
Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction
Vincent Vega (and Jules Winnfield for that matter) wore very famous ones in the movie Pulp Fiction. They may look like normal ones at first glance but given more attention you’ll notice that they are not off-the-rack clothes. These are bespoke ones designed by Betsy Heiman. They sport a snug fit, medium-sized shoulder pads, no pinstripes, and slightly thin neckties. The ties are not as thick as normal ties worn by businessmen and the coats’ colors are 100% identical to the colors of the pants. In one segment of the movie Vincent Vega replaces the usual thin tie with a Bolo tie, which is much slimmer.
Tony Montana Scarface
The white and red suit worn by Tony Montana (again played by Al Pacino) in the 1983 remake of Scarface is one of the most iconic tailored suits ever made. The white coat and pants may look solid but they are in fact sporting faint pinstripes and this is why the white seems a bit off-shade. Tony’s red shirt has a wide-angle collar that overlaps the coat’s thin but long lapels. This look is just so menacing and intimidating that bespoke ones like this may not be ideal for a business meeting but it can be quite the eye-catcher for formal dinners.

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