Top 7 Longest Winning Streaks In Football- You Must Know

Top 7 Longest Winning Streaks In Football- You Must Know

A winning streak is crucial in any sport, whether it is a team sport like rugby, or an individual game like tennis. Not only for the team or the individual involved, but also for the game, as these steaks are attention best grabbers for the spectators.

A record-breaking steak is a great way to become immortalized in sports history. It may be grand, but it’s certainly not a walk in the park. Some winning streaks in sports are so inexplicably big that bettering them, or even getting within the striking range seems easy said than done.

Top 7 Longest Winning Streaks In Football- You Must Know

Let’s walk through the top 7 biggest win runs in sport, since its inception:

1.    Celtic 2003-04 season: 25 wins

Achieving a winning streak in a sport like a football is tough, as you and your squad need to the best to cut above the competitors. From 2003 to 2004, this Scottish side under the management of Martin O’Neill had 25 straight triumphs.

2.    Bangor city FC, 2010-11: 15 wins

It is a semi-professional team from welsh conquered a streak of 15 matches under the dynamic management of Les Powell. They at present is a part of welsh premiership which consists of 12 clubs. And their forward, Les Davies has made a big name in international football, as in the year, 2012 was in the 32 candidate list for UEFA best player in Europe award. Obviously, he didn’t achieve that, but a great achievement nonetheless.

3.    Barcelona, 2010-11 season: 16 wins

Under the guidance of Pep Guardiola, and leadership of Puyol, Real Madrid accomplished a feat of 16 consecutive victories, and this defiantly played a part in their successful retention of the La Liga title.  However, this club many times came close to trounce this great streak, but was unsuccessful.

4.    Inter Milan, 2006-07 season: 17 wins

This 17 matches winning streak came slap bang when this club was cringed down with defeats and had their back against the wall. Roberto Mancini was at his best this season that saw this Italian side achieve

5.    Fimleikafélag Hafnarfjördur 2004-05 season: 19 wins

This Icelandic club without a second thought is the best on the island by winning the prestigious league trophy six times in the ten years, and three of them were successive. However, this team achieved the peak in the 2004-05 seasons by cruising through 18 games.

6. PSV Eindhoven 1987-88 season: 22 wins

The Dutch club enjoyed 22 wins on the trot during the 1987-88 season, and most of their victories were by a substantial margin.

7.    Dinamo Zagreb 2006-07: 28 wins

Dinamo Zagreb, a Croatian side has won the Croatian super cup five times.  In the 2006 season, this club won 28 matches back-to-back, giving them the ultimate entry on this list of longest winning streak in football.  The likes of Corluka and Luka Modric have previously played for this club.

The records are made to be broken, and the above biggest win runs in sport were also overpowered, or in the process of rewriting the history books.

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