Top 5 Ways To Choose Right Lubricants For Your Car

A car needs fuel in order to power the engine. However, without lubricants to lubricate the moving parts, keep the parts clean, cool the engine parts and seal the cylinders’ pistons, the engine cannot be able to operate. Car lubricants are very important and must be regularly changed to ensure the engine is kept in good working condition and the car is generally maintained. There are several brands and types of lubricants in the market that are designed for different car engines and purposes. It is therefore difficult in choosing the right lubricant for your car. Heating oil Albany NY supplies different oil types for different purposes and vehicles. One must be able to identify and choose the lubricant that is suitable for the car to ensure proper car and engine maintenance. These are some of the ways to help you in choosing the suitable lubricant.

Top 5 Ways To Choose Right Lubricants For Your Car

i. Check the user manual for the car

The first important possession one has to help him identify the right lubricant is the user manual. These manuals are always user friendly to ensure anyone is able to read and understand the instructions given. Engine manufacturers usually recommend the best lubricants for your specific engine. So it is important to stick to the recommendations, especially if your car is still under warranty. The recommended lubricants are the best ones that have been tested and approved for your vehicle, so always consult your user manual before deciding on which lubricant to buy.

ii. Check for the Oil Classification Codes

In the US, all reputable and approved lubricants have their containers having certain codes in either starburst or donut symbols. The starburst shows that the lubricant has passed the current engine protection tests by American Petroleum Institute. The donut symbol indicates if the lubricant is up to the current standards of the service rating. It also shows the viscosity index number and tells you whether it meets the energy conserving requirements. These codes are important before you purchase any lubricant. All heating oil Albany NY meets these standards and has been certified by API and SAE.

iii. Viscosity of the Lubricant

After checking for certification, one must ensure that the viscosity is right for the engine. Viscosity is the resistance of fluid to flow. Every engine requires different viscosities in order to operate properly. The temperature of the area and engine also determines the viscosity required. The donut symbol code usually shows the viscosity of the lubricant in low and high temperatures. The manufacturers also recommend the suitable viscosity levels at different temperatures. One needs to choose a lubricant whose viscosity conforms to the one recommended.

iv. Specific purpose for the Lubricants

There are certainly several brands of lubricants designed for special purposes. The manufacturers usually recommend which lubricant is best for a new car but as time goes by, your car may find different uses. New cars commonly use the premium conventional oils for their engines. Higher mileage oils are designed for cars which have lasted longer. For heavy load vehicles like pickups and trucks, the best oil is the synthetic blend oil. High-tech engines require full synthetic oils to be able to function efficiently. Hence the purpose for which the car is used can help you in choosing the right lubricant.

v. Availability of Oil Additives

Different oil additives are usually blended together with the lubricants to enhance the performance of oil. They help the lubricant to offer good lubrication, keep the engine clean and cool by reducing sludge. They are very helpful when added to the lubricants for good performance. The most common additives used are detergents, antioxidants, dispersants, antiwears and foam and rust inhibitors. Heating oil Albany NY use these add additives to enhance performance.

Choosing the right and suitable lubricant for your car engine will ensure you have a smooth engine operation and better maintenance of the engine parts. All suppliers of heating oil Albany NY ensure there lubricants are certified and right for your specific car.

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