Top 5 Tips To Write Attention-Grabbing Ad Headlines

When you go out for shopping in an unfamiliar town or city, what motivates you to go inside a particular shop? Most of the people would say, the flashy displays in store windows attracts them the most. Ad headlines for online store work just like those attention grabbing figures in a physical store that stop you and make you imagine yourself having them.

You believe your product is the best in the market, but you failed to present it properly, people wouldn’t care how valuable it is for them. So, you need to do extra bit of effort when it comes to market your brand, and ad headlines are the first thing you should focus on.

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Here are some headline-making tips from the industry’s best

Keywords are must-have

Content marketers do believe keywords are important, but some businesses don’t give a damn to it. Just like “Land’s End Coats” that featured its own name with coats. People who were looking for “sportcoats” would easily ignore them because they had nothing to show about sportcoats in their headlines.

The point is, don’t try to make your audience guessing about your product. They don’t have time to play this game, and they’re not interested either.

Include Questions

You can include questions and grab those customers who are in need of your product or service. Questions lead to conversion and so they should be included in your marketing strategy. Just below the question, you can include a phrase that answers it precisely. It can be an exception to the keyword, because it is as appealing as the keyword itself.

Solve Problems

Another handy way to attract customers is by solving their problems. According to Perry Marshal, the author of bestselling book on Google AdWords, people don’t by product; they want to solve their problems. PPC ads that are directed towards customer’s problems are more clickable than those that don’t have that message.

Include Humor

You can always attract people with a little humor in your ad headlines. You know what your competitors are doing with their headlines and you would follow them naturally. What you don’t know is, customers see all of them as same. So, you can always win your share, or get extra bit by showing you’re different. Here, humor can make your ads more appealing and unique for customers. But, be very careful while adding humor as you cannot make false claims or accusations that may lead to heavy penalties and sanctions from search engines.

Statistics and Numbers

Empirical evidence is a great way to attract customers, because customers often get convinced with stats and numbers. Hard data is always a trust factor, so when you get a visitor on your site through this way, there are more chances of him become your customer. This is the main reason why McDonald’s have used their “Billions and Billions Sold” slogan quite successfully over the years.


These are just a few tips to revive boring ad headlines and attract your customers. You can always talk to SEO experts and content marketers for more ideas.

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