Top 5 Things To Change For The New Season

Top 5 Things To Change For The New Season

The summer is around the corner and don`t forget to enhance the atmosphere in your house after cleaning. There are so many things that you can make to upgrade your house with a newer and cleaner look, but the following ones are especially recommended for the summer.

1 – Clean the windows. There is nothing better than clean windows in the summer. Indeed, the only better thing is flawlessly cleaned windows. That`s why check and double-check the condition of every windows in the house, and polish them with a special polisher for windows. Another great advice is to inspect their opening mechanism and to ensure that they can be opened smoothly. You want to leave them open in the nights for a cool and fresh air to enter in the house, as well as close them tight during the days to avoid the hot air. Clean the window frames too and change the blinds for an even better home atmosphere.

2 – Make a small urban garden on the terrace or right in the house, for example – consider modular gardening on a wall. Choose the best combination of flowers, edibles and other plants that can provide freshness and the desired shade at once. Some edibles are fast growing and they are perfect for gardening just for the summer. What better way to enjoy a greener atmosphere at home, while meanwhile taking full advantage of a lower temperature in the summer thanks to the natural shade!

3 – Avoid cooking in the hottest hours of the days or an optional way is to move the oven and the stove outdoors. A BBQ in the backyard or on the terrace is recommended, as it will give more space and opts for kitchen cleaning. The perfect moment for oven cleaning is when you don`t use the oven for a few days, so you will have a good long summer to pick up the best date for kitchen cleaning. Check out the condition of the air exhausts and deodorize to get rid of the unwanted kitchen odors as well.

4 – Change the light fixture on the ceiling with a fan light. The fan is indispensable for the mid-summer days, while another opt is to get yourself a standing fan if not having an air-con. It will change the home design and atmosphere, as well as one of the best ways to lower the temperature in the summer.

5 – Clean thoroughly all the hardwood, tiled and laminate floorings. First, remove all the carpets and area rugs, because there is no need of the warmth and coziness of the carpets in the summer. This is the right moment to hire a carpet cleaning company to make your carpets and rugs like new. Meanwhile, this is the best moment to deep clean the floorings. Pre-vacuum quickly and use the mop with a small amount of sanitizing agent. Clean by following the texture and strings of the wood and finish with a dry mop.

6 – Deodorizing is another great advice, which will change the entire home atmosphere for the summer. Use a fresh scent or a couple of different scents for every room. The deodorizers are longer lasting during the cold months. However, there is nothing better, than to make your house clean and with a fresh scent for the summer. Deodorize all the upholsteries, the furnishings and the objects that you use every day.

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