Top 5 Luxury Hotels In Romania

Thousands of people across the globe plan a trip to Romania every year.

Since it is a tourist spot, demand for accommodation is high.

You can find different kinds of hotels in Romania, 2 star, 3 star, four star, five star and hotels with even higher ratings.

Luxury Hotels In Romania

If you are looking for luxury hotels in Romania, here are five that you must consider:

Intercontinental Bucharest

InterContinental Bucharest is one of the most renowned hotels in the city of Bucharest.

It is located right in the centre of the city and offers several 5 star amenities to individuals.

The hotel view watches over the gorgeous view of the city.

There are several benefits of booking your trip in this hotel as not only is it luxurious,

it offers many benefits such as close by facilities (entertainment, food and dining, shopping) and most importantly, it offers a beautiful view of the beautiful city.

InterContinental Bucharest is pretty huge and therefore getting an appropriate room of your choice will not be a problem at all.

Radisson Blu Hotel

When we talk about luxury hotels, Radisson Blu is a name that cannot be forgotten.

It is one of the best hotels in Bucharest, offering state of the art luxury to its guests.

It offers a breath taking view of the city and located quite close to the ex Royal Palace as well as the city centre.

Radisson Blu is a 5 star hotel and the amenities it offers are an obvious example of that.

There are a total of 424 guest rooms in the hotel; if you really want to go luxurious, go for the executive suites or royal suites.

Carol Parc Hotel

Carol Parc Hoel is on walking distance from the main area of Bucharest.

This is again a 5 star hotel. It is known because of its luxury offerings along with the fact that it is located in a very beautiful and quiet area.

On its side, the biggest and most ancient park of the city is located. Every room in Carol Parc hotel has been designed exclusively by some of the most finest artists in Italy.

There are only 20 rooms in the hotel and therefore, if you plan on staying there, you should make bookings in advance.

There is pretty much everything that you will want in Carol Parc Hotel including wood burning fireplaces, plasma TVs, terraces, Bulgari amenities and so much more.

K+K Hotel Elisabeta

K + K Hotel Elisabeta is a charming boutique hotel and it is an ideal place to stay in if you want to mix business along with pleasure.

Not only is the hotel sophisticated, it is a classic showpiece of creativity and talent of architects.

The rooms at K + K hotel Elisabeta have contemporary designed rooms that boast state of the art architecture.

Several things are offered by the hotel including a very stylish bar, bistro, conference facilities, business lounge, sauna, gym and much more.

Again, a very luxurious hotel option if you are in Romania.

Ioana Hotel

Ioana Hotel is located in Sinaia, Romania and is my personal favourite.

Staying in this hotel would make you feel that you have entered a Disney movie or a movie that depicts people with extremely luxurious lifestyles.

It is a very beautiful and luxurious hotel, regarded by many as the “only REAL hotel” in the country. People believe that the hotel is a very pleasant and lovely surprise in Sinaia.

Thus, if you are n Sinaia and craving luxury, don’t forget to try it out.

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