Top 5 European Destinations Of 2018

Top 5 European Destinations Of 2018

Every year, when it comes to listing down the top destination in the world for a couple or solo travellers, Europe comes at the top. Europe has always been the top destination for couples for honeymooning. Europe is known for its magical locations and there are many discoveries that are worth doing. From islands to by lanes of cities, everything makes sense to discover. In 2018 too, Europe will continue to remain the top destination and there are some worth Europe travel packages taking which can help in saving money and explore different cities around.

Top 5 European Destinations Of 2018

This article presents you with top destinations of Europe to explore in 2018:


Located in the halfway between the North Pole and the mainland, Svalbard is known as an archipelago of mountains. The place has colourful wooden houses and glaciers which makes the place magical. One of the unique things about this European city is, it has no roads outside the main settlements and dog sleds are preferred as transport methods. You can even spot polar bears, reindeer, arctic fox and other animals that can survive in the harsh winter season


Not only in 2018, but Georgia remains the best country to explore every year. The city offers endless opportunities to explore its history and inducing culture. In the year 2018, the country will celebrate the centennial of its independence from Russia. Over the years, the country has earned stability and is economically well-settled.

3.Ljubljana, Slovenia:

The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana is often overlooked by tourists and is now becoming the top tourist destination. When you check for Europe travel packages, Ljubljana always remains on the list. The capital is packaged with chilled-out cafes and restaurants make it worth exploring. Moreover, the architecture of the city is also worth to explore as it defines rich history.

4. Losinj Island, Croatia:

The island city is located in the north part of Adriatic Sea and is known for its vivid landscapes. Tourists can enjoy rocky beaches having crystal clear water. The city is famous for its sandy beach and beautiful houses. One can enjoy small road trip from Rijeka to Losinj.

5. Bulgaria:

One of the most beautiful European countries, Bulgaria should be in your Europe travel packages. Splendid nature, gorgeous mountains and diverse culture, Bulgaria has many things to offer. You can’t miss the irresistible cuisine available in budget price. So don’t miss to explore Bulgaria.

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